After his hate speech led to a major decline in Hindu devotees to Ajmer dargah, Sarawar Chishti joins “peace rally” to cover his ugly deeds.

On July 12, Sayed Sarwar Chishti, the Khadim of the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, participated in a “peace rally” at Ajmer.His attendance at the peace march was in response to tension between the races following the barbaric beheading of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal by Islamists in Udaipur. From “hate speech” to “peace rally”. How Hindus made the khadims of Ajmer Dargah understand the definition of rulers and subjects. After the hate speech of khadims of Ajmer Dargah, the place saw a major downfall in hindu devotees. The place saw a 90 percent decline in the attendees. Booking in the hotels were cancelled and the business around the place fell down.

Earlier Sarwar Chishti of the Anjuman Committee of the Ajmer dargah has made a provocative statements around the blasphemous remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. A video appeared on July 6, in which Sarwar Chishti said that any mischief in the glory of the Prophet will not be tolerated and the country will shake by the movement that is yet to come. On July 9, it was revealed that he had demanded a boycott of Hindus’ products and services because they had planned a rally in favour of Nupur Sharma, a former BJP spokeswoman. According to reports, he is a part of the Islamist group Popular Front of India.Sarwar Chishti was captured on tape stirring a group of Muslims nearby, asserting that the current administration cannot change the reality that Muslims governed India for hundreds of years simply by altering the names of railway stations. He had issued a warning to the administration, claiming that such actions would only push Muslims to once again seek to rule India.


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