The Union Cabinet chaired by Honourable Prime Minister of Republic of India Shri. Narendra Modi yesterday i.e., on 14thJune,2022 approved an attractive recruitment scheme for Indian Youth to serve the nation by serving the Indian Armed Forces. The newly launched scheme is named as “Agnipath” and youth selected under the program for training will be called as “Agniveers“. Under the AGNIPATH scheme Indian youth can join the armed forces after getting selected and trained.

So let’s have a look how it will be beneficial for the fastest developing Republic of India :

1. AGNIPATH scheme by India’s Central Government is a transformative reform of recruitment policy of the Armed Forces.

2. It will empower the Indian youth with skill development based in India’s fastest growing defence sector.

3. It will be a source of employment to thousands of Indian Youth willing to serve the nation by joining The Indian Army , The Indian Navy and The Indian Airforce as well.

4. Youth between the age of 17-years,6Months and 21-years will be introduced in The Indian Army, The Indian Navy and The Indian Airforce.

5. Agniveers will be paid a monthly salary of 30,000 INR – 40,000 INR along with this they will also get a non-contributory insurance cover of 48,00,000 INR for the time period of 4-years.

6. Educational Qualification for Agniveers will be same as regular criteria in the forces.

7. On completion of the tenure of 4-years 25% of the Agniveers from each of the armed forces of Republic of India will be enrolled in the armed forces as regular cadres for a minimum time period of 15-years. Beside this the remaining 75% Agniveers from each of the armed forces will be assisted for further employment avenues.

8. The Agniveers will be given INR 11.71 lakh as Seva Nidhi package on the exit, that will be exempted from the Income Tax. Beside this there will be no pensionary benefits available for the Agniveers.

Lastly, the “AGNIPATH” scheme is a huge reformation in terms of recruitment for the armed forces under Mr. NaMo’s regime. The scheme keeps a close focus on the youth willing to serve the nation and gives a chance to youth to prove their potential as well as serve the nation by joining India’s armed forces.

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