An Islamic Mission school in Aligarh has allegedly expelled a girl student for complaining about not teaching Hindi. In this regard, Mohammad Amir, resident of Nagla Patwari, the father of the student, has complained to DM Inder Vikram Singh. It has been told that only Urdu was being taught in the school. When she complained to the school about not teaching Hindi, then the girl was expelled from the school. A girl who is less than 10 years old, is forced to wear a hijab. Her father has demanded an inquiry and action in this matter. The school management has termed the allegations as fabricated.

According to reports, in a complaint letter to the DM, Mohammad Amir told that his daughter studies in the nursery class at Islamic Mission School. After five months of studies, she does not know how to recognize Hindi words. When asked the daughter, she told that only Urdu is taught in the school. If I wanted to meet the teachers and the principal on this, they were not allowed to meet. There was a debate on this as well. The school gave notice that the daughter’s father should apologize. If he does not apologize, her daughter’s name will be dropped from the school. The national anthem is not even performed in the school. Due to allergies in the head of the girl, her hair was also cut. It is mentioned in Islam that girls above 10 years of age should wear hijabs.

On the other hand, Dr. Kaunen Kausar, the manager of Islamic Mission School, called all the allegations of Mohammad Amir false and fabricated. He told that Mohammad Amir has already disputed for exemption in fees. That is why they are trying to tarnish the name of the institute. He was told that nursery students are not taught all the subjects at the same time. Classes are being conducted since July. When children are capable of understanding something, then a subject is taught. The girl’s father unnecessarily created a ruckus and also threatened the school staff. On August 17 and 18, complaints have been made to the IGRS portal and DM office including the Patwari Nagla police post.

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