Read an article here on Kreately where the author was concerned about how Ambedkar had not taken the subjects of Rape and Rights of Women seriously and not given them enough attention in the Indian Constitution.

Lets look at it this way…

Ambedkar is not the person solely responsible for the Constitution, so –
1. We neither need to give him the entire credit by calling him the ‘Architect of the Indian Constitution’
2. Nor do we need to demonize him for not drafting the constitution properly as per the other Kreately article.

Below are some data points on the processes followed in the framing of the Indian Constitution. Please share in the comments for any errors.

Source :

“After the first session of the Constituent Assembly, a number of committees were formed to look into and report on various aspects of the Constitution.

These Committees submitted their reports to the Constituent Assembly during the period of April – August 1947. In parallel, as and when the Committees submitted their reports, the Constituent Assembly debated the broad principles that were set out in the recommendations of these committees. These debates came to a close on the 30th of August 1947

On 29th August 1947, the Constituent Assembly through a resolution appointed a Drafting Committee to scrutinise the draft of the text of the Constitution of India prepared by Constitutional Adviser, giving effect to the decisions already taken in the Assembly and including all matters which are ancillary thereto or which have to be provided in such a Constitution, and to submit to the Assembly for consideration the text of the draft constitution as revised by the committee…’

The Drafting Committee had seven (7) members:

Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar,

N. Gopalaswami

B.R. Ambedkar

K.M Munshi

Mohammad Saadulla

B.L. Mitter and

D.P. Khaitan.

At its first meeting on 30th August 1947, the Drafting Committee elected B.R Ambedkar as its Chairman.

Towards the end of October 1947, the Drafting Committee began to scrutinise the Draft Constitution prepared by the B.N Rau, the Constitutional Advisor. It made various changes and submitted the Draft Constitution to the President of the Constituent Assembly on 21 February 1948.

Majority of the debates in Constituent Assembly revolved around the Draft Constitution(s) prepared by the Drafting Committee. Out of 166 sittings of the Constituent Assembly, 114 were spent debating the Draft Constitution(s).”

Coming to rapes, in this democracy, the problem is identifying the culprit (we don’t want to hang the wrong guy, right) and ensuring that all the stages of law are passed and he is finally convicted. With the number of cases pending in the courts, how long will the process take, we don’t know !

Let us know your comments on the Rape problem here…

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