Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has a long history of controversies. This AMU is once again embroiled in controversies due to one of its professors. In fact, the university professor’s love for Pakistan was awakened and he went to Pakistan without the permission of the Vice Chancellor, after which, taking action on the whole matter, the university administration has issued a show cause notice to the professor and a clerk along with it. has been suspended.

According to the information, Professor Abu Sufiyan Islahi, working in the Department of Arabic, had traveled to Pakistan a few days ago without taking permission from the Vice Chancellor of the University. He returned to Pakistan but no one came to know about it, but after a few days the university officials got the news of going abroad without any permission, then the whole matter came to the fore during the investigation. As soon as the matter came to the notice, the Vice Chancellor, taking action, served a show cause notice to the professor and suspended a clerk.

In the whole case, the clerk Hasmat is accused of delay in sending the file of leave and NOC to the higher officials, due to which the disclosure of the matter was delayed and no one even knew about it.

Former minister Thakur Raghuraj Singh has made a big allegation on the AMU administration . He said that the university is trying to suppress the matter. With this, he said that Professor Abu Sufyan has links with terrorists and demanded an investigation by central agencies into the whole matter.

According to the information, Professor Abu had applied to the registrar to go to Pakistan about one and a half months ago, he was not allowed to go to him for some reason. Then he went to Pakistan, ignoring the rules of the university administration. Let us tell you, according to the rules of AMU administration, if any professor has to go abroad, then he has to take permission from the university administration.


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