Popular Front of India, a threat to the internal security of the country which is responsible for throwing the country into riots, the organization that dreamt of making India an Islamic nation, is finally banned by the Modi government. In recent days, the way the security agencies were acting on this Islamic extremist organization PFI, it seemed that the government could take a big decision regarding PFI soon.

However, while the country as a whole has welcomed the ban on PFI due to its involvement in terrorist and anti-national activities, some of its leaders are busy refining their political positions on the matter. In reality, Lalu Yadav, the former chief minister of Bihar, who was elected to lead the RJD for a record 12th time on Wednesday, requested that the “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” be outlawed (RSS). By promoting Hindu-Muslim relations, Lalu Yadav claimed, the RSS was destroying the nation. He argued that, like PFI, the RSS had to be outlawed. He asserted that PFI is a better group than RSS, which has previously been outlawed twice.

Asaduddin Owaisi, the president of AIMIM, disagreed, arguing that the entire organization could not be shut down because of the actions of a few individuals and referencing the Supreme Court’s ruling in support of his position. According to him, this severe ban effectively bars any Muslim who wishes to express their opinions. According to Owaisi, because of the way India’s dictatorial government is embracing fascism, every Muslim youth in India will be imprisoned for possessing a PFI booklet under the “black law” UAPA.

Congress MPs went too far. “RSS should also be banned like PFI because the work of both groups is similar,” Keralan Congress MP K Suresh stated.

Now the question is: Isn’t PFI being encouraged by the statements opposition party leaders are making on the PFI ban? Why, after all, do the leaders of the opposing parties feel queasy when PFI is banned? An organization whose participation in the riots across the nation was discovered. The involvement of PFI in the nationwide riots against CAA came to light; specifically, the person who planned the attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Patna rally and whose involvement was uncovered in the riots in Delhi and UP. Why do I feel such sympathy?

Do the leaders of the opposition parties care about the nation’s internal security? Do the opposition parties wish to keep the nation peaceful and orderly? After all, why would you aid a group that wanted to convert all of India to Islam?

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