The attempts of Hinduphobes to showcase Hindus as racist crumbles down. The California Civil Rights Department has voluntarily dropped its claim of caste discrimination against two Cisco engineers. In the department’s lawsuit, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella, two Cisco supervisors, were charged with harassing and discriminating against an employee based on caste, a grouping of people based on birth or lineage. Last Thursday, the Santa Clara Superior County Court issued an order dismissing that case. The employee belonged to the Dalit community. The engineer worked on a team at Cisco’s San Jose headquarters along with fellow Indians who immigrated to United States.

In a complaint against Cisco that was filed in July 2020, California Civil Rights Department claimed that the Dalit engineer was denied opportunities, received lower pay, and was subjected to retaliation after objecting to “illegal practises.” The lawsuit stated that all of them belonged to upper castes. Hinduphobic senator of US Aisha Wahab lost the biggest reason for her Hinduphobic bill.


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