DR BR Ambedkar burning Manusmriti and from then Manusmriti as a text has always been looked low by Hindu society. Hindus too along with Malecchas have contributed significantly in shaking the foundation of Hinduism. If we look at the efforts poured by Malecchas, Ram Swarup in his book “On Hinduism” wrote “Inevitably the priests too have suffered along with the temples. They have become indigent and illiterate. Thanks to their indigence and illiteracy, they have suffered in prestige too. It is a great national loss. Effort should be made to rehabilitate them and raise them educationally and financially. What is happening to priests in the temples is happening all along the line to all the priestly functionaries connected with such events as birth, wedding, death, Sraddha, etc. Illiteracy and poverty have overtaken them. Many times these functionaries are not available at all. They are dying out fast as a class.Hindu leaders must give their attention to this problem too. Hindu sathskaras are profound and deeply significant.”

If we look from the Hindu side, Hindus for a decade maintained their silence when the act of burning Manusmriti took place. Hindu society kept mum when Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti. Moreover, modern Hindus honors and worship Ambedkar for the anti-Hindu heinous act he committed. No matter whether the allegations put forward against Manusmriti by Ambedkar were plain wrong and out of context but still the Bhartiya society has transformed itself as a society that sees the words and acts of Ambedkar as pearls of wisdom and took no time in making Manusmriti wear a badge of a “Casteist”, “Misogynist” document.


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