Audrey is more known for her hatred towards Hindus – a group of people who practice Hinduism – than she is for her scholarly work. In fact, she is famous in her circle of fake, woke, new-age academics who have been told that they are special though even their parents might probably disagree about the “special-ness.”

Audrey, every few weeks or so seems to throw out a well-calculated tweet showing her hatred towards Hindus. This riles up the woke communists, Islamists, Jihadis, identity-crisis driven “South Asians,” FOB (fresh off the boat) academics desperate to be her friend and fit in by selling out as Hindus, and the ABCD (American Born Confused Desi)-HINOS (Hindus-in-name-only) crowed. No one else seems to pay much attention to her as she is known to cry wolf too many times. The more she does it, the more desperate she looks.

More fake than Truschke are the FOBs who pretend that they have escaped extreme discrimination in India and that they are truly free now that they are in the U.S. It’s all a ploy to get their visas turned into Permanent Residency and pipe dreams about getting tenure by the biggest failed institution of this century – Academia.

Back to Truschke. She gets points for keeping herself relevant though the more desperate she sounds the more ignored she gets. Her hatred towards Hindus is real. Her ineffective tweets against violence by Hindus is akin to arguing that Truschke is derived from root word ‘trash.’ She holds no merit in the real world. Her department chair must be pitied and the future of her students should be mourned.

You can do much better, Audrey. You already have your base covered. But the base neither has teeth nor power. Your rants are lost to the corrupt twitter platform which is as biased as you. Your words are a waste. Aka, trash.

Credit: Getty Images/New Jersey Trash pile

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