Indians have been fooled for years by tokenism.

(Let’s accept it, it is the right of everyone to fool us, it is our duty not to fooled).

A nice namaste posture by an Englishman impressed us.

But in real they never did namaste. They slaved us.

A little head covering with ‘saree palu’ impressed us.

But there was no commitment to national culture, interest and values.

Then came boat caps, first white; of late red, and mufflers.

White boat cap impressed farmers.

Red impressed poor, downtrodden, a.k.a. socialists.

Muffler gave  the impression of next door guy.

But the rampant corruption continued.

Politics became a route to highest corruption in the country.

Poverty only increased.

Farmers suicides only increased.

India’s ranking on vital indicators only sank.


And the tradition of fooling continues.

Free Bijli (Electricity), Free Pani (water), Free Metro, Free Scooties are all old time gimmicks and frauds.

There is nothing free on this earth.

We all pay taxes.

It is not just rich who pay tax.

Each one of us pays taxes. That is indirect taxes.

When you buy Bidi or Salt, you pay (excise duty) tax.

And it is our money, which these fraud politicians promise us as freebies.

They will give you freebie and recover from you by charging higher taxes.


There is a segment of Indians who have been worst fooled.

They are Indian Muslims; I mean poor and illiterate Muslims.

They are promised more masjids and madrassas.

They are kept out of joining the main stream.

There is no better way to come out of the shackles of poverty than modern education.

With modern education, you become employable in the whole world, not just India.

On the occasion of celebration of India’s 75th Independence day (or power transfer day), every Indian; poor, rich, young, old, formally educated or not, must resolve to shun and shame tokenism and Freebies.

Jai Hind!


“Take out corrupt political leaders and no one can stop India from shining and becoming world power. The real power to change lies in the hands of India’s poor and illiterate.”

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