Is Meghalaya Police Against Hindus?

In a complaint filed with @MinistryWCD requesting @smritiirani ji for urgent intervention & rescue of women & children against institutionalised harassment in East Khasi...

Why CV Raman hated Nehru?

He was the first Asian to have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physical Science. C V Raman was a man of exceptional intelligence,...

Rhea is a small fish in the ocean. Why is Jaya scared of Kangna?

1 kg cocaine cost 1 crore roughly and it hardly takes 10000 rupees to manufacture. Hence with 10000 percent profit the trade is so lucrative and they take so much risk to move it to end customer. 1 gm cost 10,000 rupees and they need lot of rich customers or desperate people to buy it.

Dharm is Winning

All this started because the people decided to change their minds. They wanted a different narrative and their own voice heard and options emerged. In all these places, politics, movies, journalism, there was the monopoly of a few people with a certain slant. This was challenged by the enlightened masses.