It was reassuring to see Hindus hit the street.  The Bajrang Dal, as if from their glory years descended on the streets of Ujjain to peacefully protest against the hypocrite Bollywood idiots.  They showed the Bolly nepo kids who is boss, figuratively shoving astras up their ___.

The useful, not-so-useful and utterly useless woke idiots have turned this into a drama about beef.  While the Bajrang Dal is putting its neck on the line for dharma and protesting the anti-Hindu Bollywood creeps, Hindus are arguing about their love for beef with each other.  Some are even claiming that the entire Ujjain trip was a stunt and beef-eater and ignorant mullhi anti-Kanyadan lecturer never wanted Mahakal’s darshan anyway.  Apparently Ayan Mukherji went in for darshan while the other two tools drove off without going in the mandir though ample security was set up for them.  Publicity stunts yet again and messing with Hindu sentiments.

There is no doubt that the gau mata is a sacred entity – gaus have emotions like humans and are said to take human births in their next lives.  Even if one doesn’t believe this fully, it’s necessary to take a deep breath in and out and contemplate the reasons for street power demonstration and protest and not get diverted by precisely the things which the LeLi idiots want Hindus to argue about.

Some are arguing what type of beef Ranbir Kapoor likes – buffalo or cow and others cite that pro-Hindu opportunists like Vivek Agnihotri and Kangna Ranaut also love beef.  The point is not just the beef eating – though it is an important point.  The MAIN point here is the boycott of adharmic forces, i.e. Bollywood perverts who have been selling us anti-Hindu cool-aid in the form of Islamization, propagating rape culture, promoting sex and love jihad, and getting Hindus addicted to hating themselves.

Beef eaters, listen up, and introspect a bit.  Even if you don’t want to respect the gau mata, fine, do know that you are more likely to drop dead due to coronary heart disease for consuming red meat.  Since science is the only thing you might be convinced by, do know that you are on the losing side of the argument either way.

As far as those HINOs who think that Hindus need to keep giving the other cheek when getting slapped, you are now in the minority.  Seeing folks like the Bajrang Dal is the need of the hour in Hindu society where our girls and even boys are constantly being butchered by the other peacefools.  If you want Hindus to remain napunsak and thereby peaceful, do understand that you are nothing more than a bali ka bakra waiting in line, ready for your sar tan se juda moment.  Wise up before it’s too late.

For the spin doctors and wokes hiding behind pronouns, do understand that no amount of spinning is going to save the tatti movie produced by Aunty KJo.  No one wants to see Ranbir in yet another coming-of-age film.  Wake up Sid was enough and we don’t need to see this Peshawari dhongi in yet another same role.  The sun has already set on Brahmastra ki Kismat ka Sikander.

Tathastu and Swaha.


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