The abject indifference of the global media to the recurrent and ruthless attacks on the Hindu minority in Islamic Bangladesh is unbelievable. When the Muslim community worldwide celebrated Eid-al-Adha with great pomp and splendor last month, some Muslims in Bangladesh gave the celebrations a sadistic turn by attacking the marginalized, debilitated, and threatened Hindus. What’s worse? Nor has this incident of brutality in broad daylight been highlighted by any local newspaper in Bangladesh, and international media outlets taken no interest in reporting it over the past couple of weeks.

After being contacted by some Hindu locals in Bangladesh, we tried to gather as much information as possible on the violence that marked the Islamic religious celebration of Eid-al-Adha at Kotalipara Upazila of Gopalganj district in Bangladesh.

On July 19, the local youth of Parakata village had organized and participated in a football match held on the Bishnupur Janakalyan High School grounds. Soon a brawl broke out between the players over the trifling issue of who had won and lost the match. On July 21, a 38-year-old Muslim player, Jamal Mallick, attacked an 18-year-old Hindu youth, Sajal Gain. This altercation immediately spiraled into a violent communal clash, with the Muslim majority targeting and looting Hindu-owned shops and ransacking Hindu houses in the area. Over 50 men, women, children, as well as police personnel, were injured in the violence.

A Hindu victim alleges that Muslims prevent them from playing at their school grounds, and if they try to play anyway, they are chased away, or, in many cases, beaten black and blue. It is a regular event in the area, and the local government administration does little or nothing to contain the repeated atrocities committed on the minority community by the religious majority. The minority community is often chased by unruly mobs that come armed with makeshift weapons including batons and machetes, and are ready to pounce on the minority. A Hindu victim of one of these attacks informs me that seven of his friends and relatives suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital after being assaulted by Muslims in the area in the communal clashes of July 21.

Further, the local Muslims also been threatened to sacrifice Hindu men instead of animals on the occasion of Eid-al-Adha, the Hindu victim states. Instead of booking the attackers, the police joined them in hounding and harassing the hapless Hindus of the area, he complains. Large bruises on his forehead corroborate his narration of these horrid experiences.

Though the police were deployed at the spot, they did little to rescue or defend the minority community from the Muslim mobs. As reported by, no formal complaint had been lodged at the local police station in this regard until July 25. A disturbing video has surfaced on social media that suggests that the police threw bricks at the Hindus.

Bangladesh is presently being run by the Sheikh Hasina government. The sitting Prime Minister is recognized as the president of the minority-concerned Awami League. Interestingly, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is also the elected representative to the parliament from the Kotalipara-Tungipara constituency, which became the epicenter of the Eid-al-Adha communal clashes, during which the government administration stood like a mute spectator to the majoritarian atrocities. The country is headed for an election, and the popular notion is that Hasina may not be reelected. If this is the condition of the Hindus under the minority-friendly rule, one can only dread the struggles awaiting Bangladesh’s religious minorities should the Bangladesh Nationalist Party register an electoral victory in December 2023.


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