According to the Homeopath doctor in Punjab, “The benign prostatic hyperplasia is the condition in which the prostate of the males gets enlarged. It is a common condition when males get older.” If the person is suffering from this problem, then before relying on medical treatment, he should visit a homoeopathic clinic in Ludhiana. Homoeopathy is the best practice of the medications in this regard.

So in this article, we are going to tell you the most common homoeopathic remedies for prostate enlargement:

Chimaphila umbellata

If your prostate has got undesirably enlarged, then the issues like the frequent urge to urinate and the retention for urination may get faced. The person may have the feeling of lodgement of some ball in the pelvic floor. Besides, the patient may also experience the issues like the following:

  • Intense Pressure
  • Swelling
  • Soreness

In such cases, the remedies like the Chimaphila umbellata will be proved utmostly beneficial.


If you are experiencing problems with the prostate after passing urine, then this remedy is quintessentially best for you. Besides this, this remedy will help you to cure the pain that gets extended to the pelvis or particularly into the bladder. The people who want to get treated with a compassionate approach that includes a lot of affection and the open-air must go for this treatment.

Other Remedies

Apis Mellifica

Many of the patients experience pain when the last drops of urine are being passed. This is one of the strong indications that no remedy other than Apis Mellifica will treat this problem in a better way. As far as the discomfort is concerned, then we are involving the bladder also.

Also, you should count on this remedy if the prostate has not gotten swollen but is very sensitive to touch.


If the person loses control over the urine after coughing or sneezing, then it indicates that the person needs to get treated with Causticum. This is one of the effective treatments when the sexual pleasure while having the orgasm is either finished or diminished.


This is one of the effective remedies when because of the swelling the urinary passage has not either become narrowed or excessively tightened. In such cases, the urine seems to be getting discharged in the form of drops.


This remedy is particularly helpful if the urine emerges out slow. In such cases, the pressure on the prostate may be felt both after and during the urination.

Sabal Serrulata

If any or all of the following is bothering you, then this is going to be the most effective remedies in providing you with the relief:

  • A frequent urge to urinate
  • Difficulty in Passing the Urine
  • Extreme feeling of coldness in the private or the sexual organs

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