Earlier, I had explained that I am a novice and very new to the process of understanding my Dharma. And through this process of learning, I have come even closer to it. You may ask me why and here are my next set of reasons – 

  • My Dharma, unlike religion, does not come with a book of rules. Rather it comes with the knowledge to understand facts and gives the wisdom to make choices.
  • In my Dharma, there is no monologue of diktats but a dialogue between you and your Bhagwan.
  • Dharma is never about this is your god so bow to it. It is about knowing your God and understanding when and how you have been guided by him/her. 
  • Dharma does not draw boundaries and force you to stay within it without knowing the reasons. It is about exploring the universe and then come home to self
  • Dharma is not about finding God. It is about finding self through God and then realizing that you were already close to each other.
  • Dharma is not about dos and don’ts. It is about whys, hows, and whatnots.
  • Dharma is not about painting the world in black and white, right and wrong only. It’s about understanding that life is in fact a whole spectrum of colors and without the context as background, right and wrong can never be decided.
  • Dharma is not about finding a master. It is about finding a friend, mentor, guide, guru.
  • Dharma is never about walking the particular path because that is what was asked. It is also about exploring all the options and yet choosing the right path.
  • Dharma is not about surrendering to destiny. It is about knowing that destiny is what you make of it.

I feel drawing an equivalence between religion and dharma is wrong as the purpose of the two are entirely different. Religion is uniting people as they put their faith in the same God. Dharma is being united for the purpose that puts others first. 

Har Har Mahadev!  

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