Between 1946-1948

NEHRU – JINNAH made the people of India suffer – Big Mistake??

The Hindus were protecting the Muslims in India. Their friends and neighbors were insisting them to stay in India and assuring them full protections

While in Pakistani side the Muslims were threatening the Hindus to go to India. The ones who were reluctant were killed and their female family members were raped by the Muslims in Pakistan

While many Muslims left their birthplace and migrated to Pakistan, more than half of their population stayed back in India as they were protected by their Hindu friends.

In sharp contrast most of the Hindus from Pakistan were made to migrate, while lakhs of them were killed by the Muslims of Pakistan side

When Nehru was taking the oath of PM of India, crores of Indians were mourning the death of their relatives and fellow Indians

Sarkaari Media and machinery was gung ho about the Independence of India but millions of Indians were crying and were in tears

1948 – Accession of Kashmir

The common man in India was again disappointed by the decisions of the then PM of India – Mistake??

1950 – India became republic and SC/ST – Mistake??

The reservation was intended only for SC/ST communities – that too for a period of 10 years (1951-1961). However, it got extended ever since

1959 – Under Pressure from the USA the weak PM allowed the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Refugees.

The same refugees today are about to touch half a million mark and have been exploiting India’s resources for free – Mistake??

The refuge to the Dalai Lama and Tibetans ultimately lead to India China War in 1962. Lost a big chunk of Indian territory to China. Over 3000 India Soldiers Martyred – A Big Mistake???

1965 – Even a country like Pakistan dared to attack India in 1965. Over 2600 Indian soldiers Martyred. Why were we so vulnerable that a tiny country had this courage to attack India? – A big Mistake??

1971 – Bangladesh created – around 1 lakh Pak soldiers captured

Why did Indians feed them for a year and then let them free so easily?? Why the Indian side did not negotiate Kashmir – Big Mistake??

1970’s – 80’s, and 1990’s – Corruption Era

These 30 years when most of the countries grew leap and bounds, India was full of Dons, Mafias, corrupt leaders and bureaucrats. It became so deep-rooted that the common man became used to to shell money to get his work done from the government departments. Be it the simplest of the things like installation of Electric meter, water connection, phone connection or gas connection.

The businesses had to pay a bribe on monthly and yearly basis to the government officials to survive

Appeasement of minority community, rising of Urban Naxals, Paid Media, all thrived during this period

2000’s – Pre Modi & Post Modi era

With the advent of mobiles, independent media houses and social media, the common man got exposure to the leaders and government in a better and transparent way. He started understanding actually who’s who. The corrupt started getting exposed big time.

The media personalities who were working on the behest of the governments were exposed. Big scams and frauds were unearthed. The millennial and general public was well informed and aware about the leaders and the parties.

Post 2014 – No need to say anything

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