Hindus have survived over the years despite atrocities and carnage by Mughals and Brits.  Hinduism is rooted in pluralism and thus neither the Mughals nor the Christians were completely successful in imposing the one prophet, one god, one book strategy.  

The biggest strength of the Hindus is also seeming like a weakness in today’s era.  Not only does a Hindu enjoy marching to the beat of his own drum, s/he is either uninformed or deliberately trying to avoid seeing the reality of the times.  Delhi burned and many Hindus simply watched.  Bangalore burned but those on the other side of town were cool and unaffected.  Hamar kya jata hei? attitude.  This passive or even delusion cannot be attributed to the pluralistic elements ingrained within the belief system.  These indifferent attitudes are a result of something much deeper, including years’ worth of training on self-loathing.  

“Someone else should do something about India’s problems!”

Most fail to realize that someone else = they themselves. Kalki Avatar ka wait kare rehe hei? Hindus who care about Victory and see it as a zero-sum game are starting to stand up to the fake image of Hindus being portrayed in international discourse as well as traditional and print media.  However, a large population of Hindus are happy being content feeding on the secularism cool-aid which they are being fed via the media and elites.  Why would a Hindu agree to eat Halal?  Watch other religious places of worship crop up left and right?  Why do Hindus watch Bollywood and Salman Khan’s films?  Why do Hindus worship druggies and support anti-nationals like Dipika Padukone and Sanjay Dutt?  Why SUPPORT industries which are specifically designed to diminish, negate and SLAUGHTER Hindus

All Talk, No Action

One wonders why no one stepped out of their houses to stop the mob of 35 people who were obviously thrashing Rinku Sharma to death??  Why are Hindus still passive?  Do they not care about survival of other Hindu brethren?  The sad fact is that Hindu lives don’t matter.  They surely don’t matter to anti-India, anti-Hindu folks, but Hindu lives don’t matter to Hindus themselves.  A majority of those in the Hindu collective have not yet internalized the hate nor experienced the pain first-hand.  Thus, the indifferent, secular attitude.

How can NCERT texts still be used in schools?  The NEP 2020 is the WORST policy ever; it opens up the doors to the Barbarians at the Gate. And we wonder why low life cretins like Disha Ravi and Dhruv tatti become brainwashed to turn against their own nation.  What are the Hindu parents doing?  They are clueless, watching Katrina Kaif soft-porn dances on the screen while stuffing their mouths with samosas.  When was the last time these parents had a real conversation with their so-far-gone children?  

Most Hindus In Contemporary Bharat Have Zero Skin In The Game.  

India lost Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and about 8-9 states within India to so-called minorities.  Is Victory ever going to be a goal for Hindus?  Hindus will survive only if they 1) Acknowledge the problem; 2) Prepare for the zero-sum game, play both offence and defense including ground-level ghar vapsi schemes; 3) Play for VICTORY.  

Right now, majority of Hindus are not just not playing for Victory, they are simply not playing.  Hindu priorities revolve around trying to be western, buying a bigger house than the neighbor and chasing an impossible economic dream given the political set up and colonial hiccups left behind by previous administrations.  If not this, most Hindus are busy shopping for prestigious (read: illiberal) degree programs abroad so that they can get away from India.  There is no pride, no self-respect and obviously no hope for the nation they are trying to flee so fast from.

Those Hindus who are tirelessly working 24/7 on the ground need support – moral and economic, they need help, they need their brothers and sisters to step up. There is strength in numbers!!

Survival of the fittest is no joke.  Not playing is no longer an option.  Those who are not in the game will automatically PERISH.  

Image: Hare Krishna Movement


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