Hindustan has lived for centuries and centuries, unbroken & indomitable. It has survived onslaughts of Kings, Conquerors and Barbarians, of Marauders, Plunderers & Dacoits. Hindustan survived! India Lives!

Once Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) famously said for India; “India has something original to contribute to the culture and civilization of the world in almost every department of human life and on account of her present subjugation and degradation, India has of late been unable to properly perform its mission to the world because of the silence imposed on her on account of British domination. This must go, lock, stock and barrel.

Countless influential people of great influence found something to love in Hindustan. Sadly, the nation was betrayed by a British creation – The Indian National Congress. Through its machinations and outright betrayals, Congress helped the British do what no one could do for 2400 years – Destroy the unbroken, untamed Hindustan and create its mutilated version. The India they created on 1947 had both its hands cut off and soon would have its crown stolen too, by the evil, festering enemy (Pakistan) that they created.

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Let us begin our journey through history to understand what Indian National Congress really is and why it betrayed the trust Hindus placed in it. The damages done to Hindu psyche has been immeasurable and irreparable.


As described in some detail in the first part of the blog, revolt of 1857 was a wakeup call for the British. It had 4 major outcomes –

  1. End of Company Raj – The East India Company was dissolved by the British Crown marking the end of 90 years of “Company Raj”. Now Hindustan became the crown jewel of the British empire.
  2. The intensification of Divide & Rule Policy – Pitching Jihadi Muslims against the Hindu revivalists and freedom fighters.
  3. Constitution of Imperial Police Force – Often called the Indian Police Force under the Police Act of 1861.
  4. Creating Indian National Congress – to act as a “safety valve against intensifying anger against British rule,

The last outcome – Creation of Indian National Congress was the most detrimental factor in the death of Hindustan and birth of India.


Scotsman Allan Octavian Hume, a retired civil servant of the British crown was instrumental in formation of Indian National Congress. Since the terrible days of 1857, Hume had created a network of informants. His network of informants (over 30,000) gave him grave news of terrible danger of imminent outbreak of revolt.

William Wedderburn, Biographer of A. O. Hume; “Innumerable entries referred to the secretion of old swords, spears and matchlocks which would be ready when required. What was predicted was a sudden violent outbreaks of crime…….that would be the signal for hundreds of similar ones leading to a state of lawlessness, paralyzing government…”


The Safety Valve Theory of origin of Indian National Congress was given by Lala Lajpat Rai

The Indian National Congress (INC) was founded by members of the Theosophical Society on 28 December 1885. (In fact, an Indian would not have been permitted to form such an organization). Hume, in 1883 had started his advocacy for a political party that would act as intermediary between the British and its Indian subjects and help the Indians acclimatize with the British systems. Finally in 1885, Hume succeeded in obtaining permission from the Viceroy of India, Lord Dufferin to set up INC. Its first session was held between 28-31 December 1885 at Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College, Bombay, and was attended by 72 delegates representing various provinces, and comprising, inter alia, 54 Hindus and 2 Muslims. The remaining 16 were white Britishers at various positions in the British Indian government. Woomesh Chandra Banerjee presided over it. Hume was elected as the first general secretary.

The Congress was established to prolong British rule and not to end it

Of the first 25 sessions, 5 were presided by Europeans. The 1914,1915 & 1916 sessions were attended by Madras Governor Lord Pentland, Bombay Governor Lord Willingdon, and United Provinces Governor Sir James Meston, respectively.

1885 – 1905

Not much is written of this period of history of Congress mainly because Indian National Congress acted as an “Old Boys Club” much like their white counterparts. They had a Hindu face but an Englishman’s heart. Even when Hindus took over the presidency of the party, the incumbents were “Macaulized” Hindus – docile, subservient, cut off from their Sanatani roots. They collaborated closely with the British and helped diffuse the Hindu anger against the imperial masters. In way of raising national issues, they limited themselves to petitioning British govt, passing resolutions and holding meeting with government officials (over a cuppa Darjeeling & scones).

Dadabhai Naoroji, 1895, 2nd Foundation Day of Congress exclaimed with warmth & pride that formation of congress party was like laying the second foundation of the British empire in India.

But some of these subservient tools refused to toe the British line. Sir Surendranath Banerjea, Editor of “The Bengalee”. In 1875 his work in the Temperance Movement & in student politics had earned him notoriety among the British. He had opposed an English judge’s intentional disrespect to Hindu sentiments. Mr Justice Norris presiding judge in Calcutta High Court, demanded that a Saligram Idol be uprooted from its residing place & be brought in front of him. This order was forcibly executed by the police leading to desecration of the idol. Surendranth ji opposed it in & out of courts. For his troubles he was put in jail.



This period is important in the story of the great betrayal. By the first decade of the 20th century, INC had, among its top members, hardcore nationalists like Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak (The famous trio of Lal, Bal, Pal). These nationalists and “swarajists” helped push congress away from the British influence. It was this severing of ties & the failed Bengal partition that prompted the British to use Sir Aga Khan III, in 1906, to form the All India Muslim League (AIML). With this, Aga Khan and his successors, took the stand that they be recognized as separate nation & demanded “Separate & privalaged representation in any electoral system that might be set up”. After forming the Muslim League, Lord Minto (Viceroy) was duly informed; “………a work of statesmanship (on part of the British] that will affect India & Indian history for many long years. It is nothing less than pulling back 62 million muslims from joining ranks of the opposition”

AIML’s first president Nawab Viqar-ul- Mulk M Hussain; “…the political rights of a subject race thrive best in the soil of loyalty and consequently the musalman should prove themselves loyal to the government (British) before asking for any rights”

From willing tools of the empire, the muslim league in close co-ordination with the British govt & congress, successfully did what no one in past 2400 years could do – tear apart Hindustan into 2.


Marked by a series of communal riots, this movement demanded that the British protect the Turkish Khalifa (Caliph 7 supposed ruler of Islamic word) from western supported moderate Mustafa Kemal Ata Turk. In order to build pressure on British MA Jauhar & other Muslim League leaders attempted to create unrest against he British. Upon failing to force British Raj directly, The Muslim League leaders unleashed a series small riots against Hindus. They used any and all excuses to kill or murder Hindus to force force the hand of British. When ever Hindus tried to retaliate, Gandhi and his cohorts in Congress would sing the “Ahimsa” song and force Hindus to step back.

Mohammad Ali Jauhar & Shaukat Ali Jauhar played the role of spinless sycophants with Gandhi. They would publicly kiss his feet, call him the best of humanity and play the subservient fool with Gandhi. Floored by this feet kissing, Gandhi supported Musim League’s Khilafat Movement. When senior nationalists asked Gandhi to negotiate with the league to withdraw their demand for separate electorates/Pakistan, Gandhi refused. Under influence of Gandhi, Congress ignored the rising radicalization of Muslims & their consequent alienation from Hindustan. Consequence of this was the infamous Moplah Riots (Aug 20, 1921-22) in Malabar that saw murder of 50,000 Hindus at hands of converted Muslims called Moplahs. Over 10,000 Hindu women were raped and brutally murdered to create terror. Hindus were wiped off from the entire area. So brutal was the pogrom that even the British were shocked at the brutality. But Gandhi continued to support the Muslim League’s Khilafat Movement. Congress support was withdrawn by Gandhi only when some British policemen were killed in Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur.


Led by Baba Ram Chandra Rao, in 1917, the Kisan Andolan that started from villages of Oudh (Lucknow), soon spread throughout United Provinces (UP). Baba Ram Chandra used the simple tellings of Ramayan & Gita to spread awareness and motivate farmers to stand up against the British. When Baba Ram Chandra went to seek help from Congress, Gandhi & Nehru refused to help. They thought that this agitation spreading through rural India was too rustic and it could upset their delicate urban sensitivities. To cut Baba Ram Chandra to size, Gandhi leaned on other political parties to stay away from Kisan Andolan & Baba Ram Chandra. Baba was an educated man and he tried to attach his kisan andolan with Gandhi’s Non Coperation Movement. Sadly Gandhi rebuffed him, isolated him and helped destroy his credibility and his andolan.




Fueled by the teachings of Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, rising Pan Islamism & alienation of muslims from Hindustan, the muslims of India sought either absolute power over independent Hindustan or Partition of the nation.

Abdul Bari, Muslim League; “Hindus will succeed in attaining Swaraj and that Swaraj will not be in any way beneficial to us. (Madan Mohan) Malaviya by his cleverness is usurping the position (of Gandhi), but Muslims have no faith in him nor can they have in Gandhi. Let us see whether we have still to cling to this movement (non-violent Non-co-operation) or we can find another more effective way.

Once again, contrary to public posturing, the Gandhi/Nehru/Jinnah triumvirate did to Hindustan what no one in its history (older than time itself) could do – Murder Hindustan & Amputate it to create 2 new nations – India & Pakistan. This was the greatest betrayal of Hindus and Hindustan. Congress made sure that eternal Hindustan dies.

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