Malegaon blast case: Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Prasad Purohit to face  trial for terrorism

I saw the recent controversy about the statements made by Sadhvi Pragya, where she said that no real nationalist will call Hemant Karkare a real patriot . As expected all liberals and Muslims lost all their marbles and started name calling . So expected (yawwwwnnn) .

I am sorry , not only find that extremely hypocritical, but it exposes YET again the negative IQ that this jamaat posesses.

This lady was kept in custody for years without a chargesheet (violation of law) , stripped naked by make policemen, beaten by belts by Hemant Karkare , made to watch Pornographic movies on the instructions of Hemant Karkare (extreme gross Human Rights violation) . Forget about such a man being remotely patriotic , i won’t even call him a human , he is at best an animal . Sorry but a real patriot would never resort to such inhuman practices, that too towards a woman , in police custody .

He may have been a high ranking cop, who died in an Islamist Terrorist attack done by Muslim terrorists , but does that make him a good man , cope or a patriot ? ABSOLUTELY NO . Jeffrey Epstein was a known pedophile who ran a underage sex resort supplying underage women to his celebrity friends . He died under suspiscious circumstances in police custody , does that make him a martyr or a patriot. HELL NO .

Hemanat Karkare was the chief of Mumbai Anti Terror squad at the time of the 2008 Mumbai Attacks. Him being out on the streets , trying to capture terrorists was his duty , his job. Infact the 2008 attacks was a failure on his part . A BIG failure. How could such a meticulously planned terrorist attack escape the Anti Terror Squad? They had no clue ? What a HUGE failure on the part of ATS Mumbai, headed by Hemant Karkare.

Yes he got killed by the same terrorists his unit , under HIS leadership failed to foil . He did not go sacrifice his life , he got killed in a terrorist attack , like many that day.How does that make him a martyr, I fail to understand. If I am a civil engineer and the bridge I constructed has some cracks , and I got to fix it and it crumbles and I die, then how am I a martyr ? Labels aside . While he may be a martyr to many , for getting killed in an attack that he failed to foil , not everyone has to have the same opinion .

That too for a woman who was falsely accused, kept in illegal custody , stripped naked, beaten and forced to watch porn on his command . I would call such a man , a beast , a ruthless barbarian at best .

The same muslims and liberals repeat on oop as to how Islam is a religion of peace . May I dare to comment , can you crosscheck with Parsees of erstwhile Persia, Pagans of Arabia , Yazzidis , Kurds of Middle East , Hindus , Sikhs of (who are now Muslims) of Pakistan , Kashmir ? Sorry but they did not convert voluntarily , they were forced to .

Parsees whi have survived thanks to asylum given by India were fleeing islamic persecution . The choice given, which is a global common protocol was simple, convert or die. Sorry but no sane person would consider such diktats as belonging to anything peaceful , even remotely.

So while Muslims still insist that Islam is a religion of peace , I am sure Parsees and other who had to convert would differ . And why not . There are always two sides of a coin . And even more valid when there is evidence of violence .

Ask the Yazzidis who were kept as sex slaves by Islamists , and sold multiple times, I doubt if they will call Islam a peaceful religion, an act which most Muslims justify?

In Pics: From An ISIS Sex Slave To Human Rights Campaigner: Nobel Prize  Winner Nadia Murad Is A Winner
Nobelprize 2018 (Anders Dernback)

While many sing praises for Indira Gandhi calling her a great PM , I doubt if any Sikh or family of Jagannath Misra will say that (please google who he was and how he died) .

She is absolutely justified and right is calling out a barbarian , who in official capacity to uphold law and eliminate crime, kept an innocent woman in illegal confinement , stripped her naked , beat her up with belt and forced her to watch porn.

A martyr is someone who gives up his life, sacrifices in service of nation. Hemant Karkare did not give up his life, he got killed due to his own failure . Did he throw himself on top of a bomb to save his colleagues or civilains ? NO . Did he barge inside a building knowing that terrorists are hiding and he may potentially be killed ? NO

Sandip Unnikrishnan was a martyr , he went inside that hotel knowing he might be killed , he went inside a hotel knowing there were many terrorists ready to kill him. That is a martyr , sacrificing his life to save others. A patriot .

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan: Hero of the Taj – A Blog by Biocon

He was sitting in his official vehicle and he was shot .SIMPLE.

That is not sacrificing his life. He is not a martyr, but a casualty of 2008 terrorist attack , just like 250+ others who were killed that night by those Muslim terrorists.

While US saw Sulemani as a head of terror sqaud, Iranians see him as a martyr.

How unaccountability became cause of death of Iran's 'Qasim Sulemani' |  NewsTrack English 1

While the whole world sees Osama Bin Laden as a terrorist, Imran Khan and most of the Muslim world (by most I mean all minus a handful) think of him as a martyr .

Osama bin Laden | Biography, al-Qaeda, Terrorist Attacks, Death, & Facts |  Britannica

While the whole world sees ISIS as terrorists ,Propaganda site/channel NDTV calls them activists .

Part 1: The Future of ISIS | Wilson Center
NDTV guys ought to be special kind of stupid to think ISIS is group of  "activists": IndiaSpeaks

While everyone can see what drama this #FakeFarmers protest is , the Sikhs (holding images of Bhindranwale and demanding Khalistan ) and having Disco, Massage, Pizaa, AC tent party call it an agitation .(Strange no other farmers in any other state seem to have this problem). If you ate pizza ,got massage , danced in an AC tent DIsco, thank the farmers Protest .

Poster Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on display behind Editorial Stock Photo -  Stock Image | Shutterstock
US Embassy | 'We are farmers, not terrorists': Khalistanis hold protest  outside Indian embassy in Washington DC | India News
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Everyone has a right to opinion and interpretation and should not be questioned if it has evidence because then it holds water.

Do dear Muslims and Liberals , please ask Parsees what they think of Religion of peace, why they had to flee for their lives from a peaceful community from Persia ?

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