In our ancient text, Brahmastra is described as a weapon from the arsenal of supernatural weapons created by Brahma. These are the most destructive, powerful, and irresistible weapons of Hindutva, and were created to uphold Satya and Dharm during Mahabaharat.

The Hindu Portal writes about the weapons in this manner: “The astras are transcendental, supernatural weapons created by Brahma, and presided over by a specific Deity. In order to summon or use an astra, one must have the required knowledge, i.e., the specific mantra that will arm, direct, and disarm the astra. The presiding deity, once properly invoked, endows the weapon, making it essentially impossible for foes to counter its potency through regular means. ¬†As described in shastra, specific conditions existed involving the usage of various astras, and the violation of proper protocol could be fatal. Because of the power involved, the knowledge involving use of an astra was passed from guru to disciple by word of mouth alone, and only the most qualified students were made privy to the information. Certain astras had to be handed down directly from the presiding deity himself, as having knowledge of the mantras alone was insufficient. ¬†The importance of astras is described in particular detail in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, which describes their use in epic battles. Various pastimes describe the use of astras by archers such as Rama, Arjuna, and Bhisma. They generally invoked the astras into arrows, although they could potentially be used with anything. For example, Ashwatthama invoked an astra using a blade of grass as his weapon.”

According to Dharmic scripture, different Astras was acquired by ancient Rishis through severe penance and meditation performed towards different deities.  The Sadhus gave these asthras to their students who were worthy of them, sometimes even rakshashas acquired such asthras by performing severe penance, as was the case of Indrajit, son of Ravan.

Now let us analyse if the people who attempted to invoke Brahmastra in this situation qualify to do so.  The team** involved in producing this movie includes

1. the diva(na) of nepotism,

2. the spawn of a dynastic acting/directing Mukerji family spanning over four generations,

3. the offspring of Aslam (Mahesh) and Sonia who is a regular at the dargah of Sufi terrorist, and whose brother is associated with the 26/11 murderer David Headly

4. the Big Beef guy

5. and the Urdu script / dialogue writer

It is safe to assume that none of them can even dream to be qualifyed enough to invoke the sacred weapon in any manner. But that did not stop them from attempting to do so.

The core members of this team started to work on this project around a decade ago. According to the director Ayan Mukerji, the film was called Dragon and it was losely based around a Sufisk Woke friendly high-half-the-time character called Rumi. ¬†It is entirely possible that at the time, the world of cinema in Bharath was completely under the spell of the GangaJamni tehzeeb mantra, and so a film revolving aroung a Sufiesque Roomi theme with some added tech effects and swooshes inspired by the Harry Potter series would have sold like hotcakes. ¬†Little did they know that in the coming time, Bhartiye Hindu will start manifesting actual wokeism, and they will be faced with the reality of a Hindutva revival. However, the ever cunning nepotists in them came up with another bright idea, and thought, why not exploit the innocent Hindus, use stealth and deception, and re package the product in a manner which make this movie sellable to them. ¬†In this manner, Dragon became Brahmastra, Rumi became Shiva, his love interest became Parvati and the song about burning desire got the word ‘Havan’ added to it, to give it a more holy feel. ¬†As if this is not enough, the budget of the movie is revealed as a whopping 410 Crores.

The journey from Dragon to Brahmastra is codified in self destruction.  It is believed that the Brahmastra never misses its mark, and results in complete annihilation of all adversaries of Satya and Dharm.  The Hindus will refrain from going to the cinemas and wasting their money on this sham because they have recognised the blatant manipulation at play here.  In effect, Dharma Productions and its co horts have handed the Brahamastra to the general public, thus empowering them to bankrupt Dawoodwood in one shot.

** The author has used lowercase to talk about the team involved in the making of this movie deliberately, as the author believes that none of them deserve to be talked about in anything other than lower case.

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