In the name of providing ration, Hindu girl was raped by Khalid and Dilshekh for two days. The incident is from Sindh province of Pakistan. Earlier on August 28, a case of raping an 8-year-old girl came to light in Pakistan.

According to media reports, many areas of Sindh province are affected by severe floods. One of these is the Sanghar district. A video of a Hindu victim residing in Shahdadpur area of ​​the district is going viral on social media. This video was released by ‘Voice of Pakistan Minority’, an NGO working for minorities in Pakistan.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Voice of Pakistan Minority wrote, “A Hindu girl was brutally raped for 2 days by promising to provide ration in a flood-affected area of ​​Shahdadpur district of Sindh. This is a very shameful and condemnable act.”

In the video, the victim is seen crying, “I was asked to sit in the car asking me to get ration. First he forced her, then raped by feeding her intoxicants.

It is worth noting that the incident of gang-rape of an 8-year-old Hindu girl child came to light from Sindh province itself. On August 28, this girl was found by the family members in a very critical condition. His eyes were blown out and his whole body was scraped off.

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