To rule Hindustan had always been near impossible for any invading power. Alexander the Great came and Porus made sure he returned a broken warrior. Arabs attacked and Bappa Rawal broke their might such that Arabs never returned. The Turks & Turkomans came and though they managed to colonize large parts of Hindustan, they did not have a single year or month of peace. It took a long long time but the Bhagwa of Sanatan once again flew over India.

The Europeans came, not as invaders but traders “hat in hand” seeking permissions & concessions. They slowly encroached upon the local authority and set themselves up as rulers. In a couple of 100 years, they (French, Dutch, Portuguese) too were routed and defeated in every part of India. The British were lucky that they, providentially, survived the 1857 revolt. This made them realize that they cannot hope to rule India when the formidable Islamic empire was overthrown by the Hindus. The near escape made them realize that they cannot rule India without first breaking the Sanatani Hindu. They had established their sway over large parts of Hindustan only through subterfuge and playing upon the internecine squabbles among Hindu forces. They, thus decided to further strengthen this formula into a policy of Divide & Rule to break the morale of the Sanatani Hindu.



What was till now a policy of resource control with minimal effort, was refined into state policy of the British crown. In t he aftermath of the 1857 revolt, the British crown’s first step was to insulate soldiers of its army, from those castes and areas that played a major role in the revolt.

The British introduced the concept of “Martial Race”. All those castes from provinces who led the revolt were disenfranchised by labelling them “Non Martial Race”. This prevented all major warrior castes of Hindus of provinces like Central Province (MP) or United Provinces (UP) from gaining employment and associated benefits, with the largest employer in the nation – The British Crown. People who were traditionally Kshatriyas & Warrior Sikhs were denied employment and Non Warrior Sikhs, Jat castes (who did not participate in the revolt) were designated “Martial Race” and employed in the British Indian Army. The traditionally martial classes were designated as Militarily Sterile. Besides employment, the martial races were given large tracts of land, agricultural rights, right to trade with the crown etc. This created a divide between communities based on the coveted Martial Race status. By incentivizing loyalty to the crown through money & social status, the British ensured the warrior classes were divided thereby depriving the Hindus of their ability to fight.

Example – Historian K. M. Panikkar writes – “The Marathas, who had shown outstanding military ability & valour, ceased to be counted as being martial as they had a marked sense of patriotism & could not be isolated from the rest of the community.”


The British knew that they could not rule a vast nation like Hindustan only by the bullet. To rule they would need to cut the roots of what made Hindustan, a nation – Its Sanatani/Hindu roots. The tree of our nationhood was fed by its shared sanatani values that promoted a deep sense of Dharma, a common purpose and belief in Karma/Phal. Our dharma fed our Spirit of Freedom. The British therefore, set about to subvert our deeply ingrained love & adoration for the motherland & our pride in the loftiness of our cultural heritage.

Hindustan was painted by the British as a “Continent or a Sub-continent” and not a single country. Hindus they said, were never a nation. They told us that we were a conglomeration of different, often hostile races, with nothing in common with each other to entitle us to be called one people with common history traditions and heritage. To convince us of this endevour, a fake Aryan Invasion Theory was concocted. So successfulthey were in their efforts that even after 200 years many of our so called intellectuals, historians remain convinced that Indians are actually white invading Aryans from the central Asian, European plains. Thus the entire history of our country was steeped in unrelieved darkness, barbarity, superstition.

Sir John Stranchey, Lt Governor, NWFP, India; “What is India? What does this name really signify? The answer that I have given, sounds paradoxical, but is true. There is no such country and this is the first & most essential fact about India that can be learned. India is a name which we give to a great region including a multitude of different countries…The differences between countries of India, for instance Bengal & Punjab or between Madras & Rajputana is immense and beyond comparison, greater than those existing between the countries of Europe.”

Professor Seely, East India Company College, London; “There never was any conquest of India by the English because there was no India and therefore properly speaking, NO FOREIGNOR”


These robed missionaries acted as “agent saboteur‘ of the Hindu faith. They ran a concerted campaign of calumny & vilification against the Sanatan Hindu dharma. They also ran a very well organized clandestine path of conversion of Hindus, to their faith especially Tribals, Dalits and other backward disenfranchised sections (This is something that is still going on unabated).

Lord Palmerston, Prime Minister, Britain under the British Crown, 1889, “It was in the the interest of Britain, to provide for the diffusion of Christianity throughout the length & breadth of India.”

The new christian converts became docile and obedient servants of white masters & refused to take part in the freedom struggle.

T. R. Vedantam, Indian author & intellectual, “The Indian Christian community wasfuly on the side of the British, with only 2 exceptions, Mr. Joseph Cornelius Kumarappa & Mr. E. M. George”.

A campaign was launched against Hindu dharma and traditions.

Swami Vivekanand exposed the cunning slander campaign – “What is meant by these pictures in school books where a Hindu mother is painted as throwing her children to the crocodiles in the Ganga? The mother is black but the baby is painted white, to arouse more sympathy and get more money. What is meant by those pictures which paint a man burning his wife at a stake with his own hands, so that she may become a ghost and torment the husband’s enemy? What is meant by the pictures of huge cars crushing over human beings? I have heard one of these gentlemen preach that , in every village in India, there is a pond of bones of little babies….What have the Hindus done to the disciples of Christ that every christian child is taught to call the Hindus vile & wretches and the most horrible demons on earth?”

No conversation on breaking Hindu morale can be complete without mention of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay. He formulated an education system to create willing servants of the British Raj. So successful he was in his endeavor that the nation still, refuses to reform its education systems to meet challenges of the 21st century

Lord Macaulay in letter to his father; “We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern – a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinion, in moral and in intellect

Lord Macaulay in letter to his father, 1836; “No Hindu who has received an English education, ever remains sincerely attached to his religion…..If our plans are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal 30 years hence. And this will be effected without efforts to proselytize”.

It was in 1835, Macaulay introduced the British Education System (tailored) on a large scale. By 1854, the British Crown assumed charge of the Indian education system.

Under Macaulay, our most glorious periods were painted black and classified as Dark Ages. In the books this period was followed by periods of Hindus (Aryan Invasion), Muslim (Mohammedan Invasion) and the British. The intent is quite evident – cut off new generations from their roots. Macaulay’s education policies were not meant to raise the intelligence levels of Indians. It was meant to create willing, docile minions to help the British govt manage an empire. These “automatons” were strangers to the wonder that was Hindustan, blind to its wondrous past,.

India possessed European universities, 127,000 schools & nearly 3 million students. A total of 50 million francs, in part furnished by the State, is dedicated annually to this educational system. A third of this amount is allocated to primary schools, with the rest going to the secondary schools and universities. The amounts spent were extremely high and counted for the 2nd largest share of budget of the empire.

50 years later an audit of the system was undertaken in 1889. Doctor Gustave Le Bon‘s observations showed clearly the success of the British Education Experiment to tame Hindus and turn them into mentally stunted robots suited to undertake clerical jobs in the government.

Dr. Gustav Le Bon 1889; “The results of this huge experiment in India have been dramatic …….. ‘this new model of’ education has only succeeded in completely disequilibrating the Hindus and removing their ability to reason, without speaking of causing a frightful abasement of morality”

Professor Monier- Williams, professor of Sanskrit at Oxford; “….(we have created) men without force of character and sound judgment. Such men might to have learned much from books, but when they reflect and think by themselves, their thought is without consistency. In fact, the majority of them are nothing but great babblers..…They abandon their own language, literature, religion, philosophy, the rules of their own castes, their own customs perpetuated over the centuries”

Yet, the British were not the ones to relax, they knew that all this effort could be rendered useless in one great revolution.

George W. Forrest; “Among the many lessons the mutiny conveys………it is possible to have a revolution in which the Brahmins and Shudras, Hindus and Mohammedans could be united against us”.


SINS OF WALLIULAH DEHLAVI – By the 17th century the Mughal empire was crumbling. Even under Aurangzeb, the administration had started showing traces of breakdown, the treasuries were going empty & the army was losing battle after battle to the Marathas. After the collapse of military & political power of Islam, the Marathas held sway over India. Shah Waliullah Dehlavi, a fanatical wahabi revivalist, could not tolerate this and he invited Ahmad Shah Abdali to attack India. Waliullah declared Jihad as duty and responsibility of all muslims. He made establishing a Caliphate (Khilafat) mission of all muslims. Waliullah led campaigns against Hindus, massacres & mass conversions. He forced nawabs & muslim chieftains to implement sharia in their regions. His magnum opus the Hujjatullah ul Balighah infused the reader with a sense of Jihad – both against the kaffir Hindu and against the muslim who was not Islamic enough. 200 years after his death, his book is still the favorite book of Jihadis world over. His advocacy of Jihad to establish Sharia drives mujahidins to commit brutal inhuman acts of terror. He demanded that muslims dress differently from Hindus, boycott Hindu businesses, cut off all social and cultural ties. He alienated Indian muslims from integrating into the syncretic Hindu culture. Waliullah and his son essentially stopped & irrevocably reversed the increasing integration of muslims into the sanatani Hindustani ethos.

THE BRITISH INTERVETION – Ever eager to play the communities against each other, the British saw in Waliullah & his son Abdul Aziz to weaken the Sikh empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. They helped the Wahabi Jihadis with money & material, safe passage & logistics but Maharaja Ranjit Singh defeated the Wahabis and killed Abdul Aziz. Like the proverbial demon, the Jihadis now turned on their English benefactors. Fatwas and Jihads were declared by various maulvis. Attacks on British increased in frequency and were marked by extreme brutality & senseless violence (hallmarks of Jihadi violence).

WAHABI JIHADIS “PIGGYBACK” THE 1857 REVOLT – The successors of Abdul Aziz, tried to piggyback the 1857 revolt and attempted to hijack it to re-establish Mughal rule under octogenarian Bahadur Shah. The muslim contribution in the revolt is testimony to the fact. Most brutal killing of the British women and children in various British residencies & cantonments were carried out by the wahabis. Couple of years preceding the revolt, the wahabis kept the border areas and muslim riaysats in a constant state of turmoil. But as the revolt faltered, their attempt to establish a khilafat in India also failed.

THE BRITISH MAKE AN OPPORTUNITY OUT OF A REVOLT – By 1840’s sustained fanatic attacks in connivance with British, weakened the Sikh empire and when British attacked the Sikhs were finally defeated. As soon as the Sikh empire fell, the British declared their erstwhile allies, the wahabi jihadis as rebels and crushed them. But after the revolt the British used these maulvis again. They seized lands of Hindu chieftains & revolt leaders and gave them to the muslims – maulvis & muslim mercenaries (eg Riysat of Bhopal to Afghan mercenary). Money & privileges, confiscated from kaffir Hindus were bestowed upon the maulvis – result – the muslims remained largely away from Indian freedom struggle.

In truth the freedom we fought for and won, was essentially Hindu. Muslims played at best a fringe role, christians remained aloof…. but both reaped the benefits of the blood shed by Hindus.

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