Kshama Sawant, a Seattle councilwoman led a virulent campaign against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019. This campaign was basically pushed by the Islamist and leftist forces in the US. And Seattle council passed a resolution against a law passed by the parliament of another country — India.

For many, on the left it was a great band-wagon to be on. She was the leftist star.

She won her reelection for the council seat in November 2019 by beating a candidate who was backed by Amazon. Because Sawant was running against Amazon and its zero tax history.

Rabid socialism is her plank. And virulent anarchism her vehicle.

In October, Seattle Times, said something very interesting about her.

“The Socialist Alternative rabble-rouser — or should I say champion of the common people — has shown herself not especially interested in comity and compromise.”


To this, she responded in a Guardian article in a very matter-of-fact way.

“When they say that, ‘Oh we don’t have a good working relationship,’ what they are actually saying is that I am not accountable to them, I’m accountable to the movement,” said Sawant. “But that’s not something I hide, that’s not something I’m planning to change and I’m proud of that because that is the only winning strategy.”


The movement.

Rabid, fanatic socialist movement. It was the strategy.

Suddenly, from within the yolk of the woke emerges a virulent strain which has no loyalty to the woke of the traditional democratic left.

It is against the democracy that has any hint of capitalism at all.

And, it is not trying to hide it even. It is open in saying “We are coming for you”!

Folks, America had a left. But both sides of the aisle — left or right — were firm about one thing — the market economy or capitalism of the US. It needed some socialist measures to handle the safety net for the poor and the weak. But there was no compromise on the essential nature of the market economy.

That, now, is the direct target.

This virus which was traveling undetected, merrily along with the unsuspecting democratic politics, has suddenly found a trajectory and critical mass of its own.

Black lives matter came with protests but what those protests left behind were not better lives for blacks. But looting, destruction, statue-breaking and a lot of talk of entitlement. Even worse — cancel culture. Canceling everything that US ever stood for or has.

To a point, where there are open calls for the dismantling of its institutions. Not reforms. Not changes. Dismantling.

These are no innocent remarks.

These are calibrated assaults. Assaults which were in line with the very strategy of the “yolk of the wokes”. Just that the enthusiastic democrats hoping for a bump up against Trump and the “right” jumped at in the beginning.

The Islamist-Leftist anarchy agenda is now unfolding in the US. Those like Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders who have basically parroted the agenda of such forces in context of India, were probably recognizing the constricted space that was left for them within their own party and polity.

The new woke left movement is Islamist in ideology and anarchist in intent.

And, it does not believe in the democratic institutions. That is why the call for dismantling of the institutions now in the garb of “re-doing” the social norms.

Race is just a horse. Destruction of the democracy is the goal.

Some of the leftists have sensed that now and have come up with an open letter to “end the cancel culture”. But one is not sure if they found their voice in time.

What will Noam Chomsky argue against? Bringing down of the Confederate statues? What will Fareed Zakaria fight against? Breaking up of Slave auction stones? For those are what will be brought up as the poster-boys of the cancel culture by the rabid elements when the sane want to save that which is the real target. Look at the irony – those who want to save the sane while frustratingly seeing the anarchic element being pushed forward, were just the other day using the same strategy themselves when it worked for them!

When Zakaria was using the “Muslims from Islamic countries”, who incidentally were criminally persecuting its minorities, as a ruse to ding the Citizenship Amendment Act (law to help those unfortunate few) he used the exact same line of argument that this new virulent left is using.

Heck, they gave it to him!

He was imbecile and closet-Islamist enough to have use it to hide his own person proclivities!

When your fight is dishonest, then the anecdotal, passionate anecdotal, becomes the most vicious weapon to unleash destruction.

You can either be for the anecdotal against the sane, or against it. You cannot keep jumping back and forth.

And, this is is what was used against India for the last 3 years at least.

As the strategies had been tested on India, those who look to dismantle the democracies are now unleashing it on the United States of America.

Before it is used to dismantle the entire Western world, of course.

This was a civilizational war, you idiots! Not an election fight!

As Sawant asserted, the foot soldiers like her, are “accountable to the movement”! Go figure. And deal with it when you do figure it out!

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