In a recent Netflix movie, titled Bulbul — Radha and Krishna have been abused yet again

But a movie is not the only thing that has abused Radha and Krishna. Even the Honorable Supreme Court of India, in its judgment on “Live-in” relationships, inappropriately used the same Radha-Krishna reference!

Krishna was 10 and some when he left Radha

The reality is that the story of Radha and Krishna comes from the Hindu scripture Srimad Bhagavatam. So, to understand the type of relationship, one needs to go to the same source to understand how they were related.

When Krishna left Vrindavan for Mathura, he was less than 10 years and some change. Less than 11 years.

Let us go to Srimad Bhagavatam for the references.

Srimad Bhagavatam and Krishna’s age

Uddhava says the following at the time when Krishna kills Kamsa. Basically he is stating that Krishna was 11 years old when he killed Kamsa. Krishna killed Kamsa on the Shivaratri day after his 10th birthday.

vasudevasya devakyāḿ

jāto bhojendra-bandhane

cikīrṣur bhagavān asyāḥ

śam ajenābhiyācitaḥ


Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, being prayed to by Brahmā to bring welfare to the earth, was begotten by Vasudeva in the womb of his wife Devakī in the prison of the King of Bhoja.

tato nanda-vrajam itaḥ

pitrā kaḿsād vibibhyatā

ekādaśa samās tatra

gūḍhārciḥ sa-balo ‘vasat


Thereafter, His father, being afraid of Kaḿsa, brought Him to the cow pastures of Mahārāja Nanda, and there He lived for eleven years like a covered flame with His elder brother, Baladeva.

Also people in Mathura are discussing about both Balaram and Krishna and describing them:

kva vajra-sāra-sarvāṅgau

mallau śailendra-sannibhau

kva cāti-sukumārāṅgau

kiśorau nāpta-yauvanau


What comparison can there be between these two professional wrestlers, with limbs as strong as lightning bolts and bodies resembling mighty mountains, and these two young, immature boys with exceedingly tender limbs?

abuse showcases the moral compass of the abuser

Krishna was a little over 10 years old when he left Vrindavan, his flute, and Radha. Never to see them back again.

A 10 year old kid, who lived in a small village over 7000 years ago (Source). What could he have done?

All the abusive references, poems, and literature are nothing but a giant historical showcase of the sick mindset of the writers themselves. Whether it was calendar artist or celebrated poets — they betrayed their own sexual frustrations by juxtaposing their own sexual fantasies on someone, like whom, no one ever walked this planet!

Over the last few centuries – and specially in the last century – the idea of Krishna (and other beings like Ram and Shiva) has been dictated more by distortions of some 3rd rate artist or fictional writers sans any spiritual work.  Rhetoric, titillation and outlet of personal choices have been used to define Krishna.  Hindus, who consider themselves passionate, are probably the most to blame.  They have created an idea of Krishna – without the requisite work on themselves to know the immensity of Krishna’s being – and have thrown their passion behind it.  Passion without adequate knowledge or understanding is as damaging as the work by abusers.  For, one does not know what he is defending and the other, does not care what he is abusing.  Both work from the point of ignorance!  Ignorance can only beget ignorance.

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