Let’s get this straight : Trump isn’t the left’s problem,the lack of wokeness is. In fact, Trump was one of the Riche-Richs for his Hollywood peers in his colorful career as businessman before stepping in the shoes of a politician. While his handling of covid-19 has almost tanked his chances for a re-election, he has also doomed GOP with him, the ones suffering the most are the actual Republican conservatives.

Listing Trump’s failures will make a long list, however that’s really not what this article is about, rather it’s about how the left has contributed to the mass hysteria and why it shouldn’t be spared too.

The ever so increasing woke culture has rattled the social harmony, with “wokesters” wanting to uproot each and everything-even if it means to change the fundamentals on which America is built on. Tearing down statues isn’t going to help curb racism, reform in education & more humane approach to teaching values will, but who is interested in such stuff anyway? Republicans were counting on these riots to change the polls in Trump’s favor while the Democrats were busy scoring brownie points over Floyd’s death. The list goes on and on, with both the political sides becoming the worst they’ve ever been. The whole “America is systematically racist” talk has just helped in worsening up the situation, the left continues victimizing “blacks” for political gains while the middle class American African community continues to suffer. What started as a peaceful protest against racial injustice, quickly turned into propaganda spewing machine. The biggest irony of all that was, the damage done by the rioters to the public property did more damage to the blacks themselves, with many middle class families losing businesses while others getting brutalized for resisting the vandalism.


How many mainstream media outlets covered the news? Very few. Even the mainstream media didn’t leave any stones unturned in gaslighting public. The media which claims to bat for racial equality and peacemaking did everything it could to vilify everyone with opposing views – From NYT falsely framing murdered-trump supporter to “far right group” to Washington Post linking “Trump’s 2020 win” to social unrest, nothing was spared. However, the worst was yet to come. WP wrote an entire column on re-imagining “America without Trump’s Presence” when he tested positive for the coronavirus, the article sparked outrage on twitter after which it had to be withdrawn, however no apologies were issued. While trump hasn’t been good in handling the covid situation in America, wishing death upon someone just isn’t not right but also morally corrupt.

Tech giants too, are doing everything it can to suppress the conservative voices. The recent bombshell by the NewYork Post confirming Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s involvement in illegal Ukraine deals was banned by twitter from sharing/tweeting. Those accounts which did try to post it anyway were temporarily locked. This isn’t the first time Big Tech giants have meddled in spreading propaganda and misinformation. Even the most liberal elites would admit that social media platforms have been limiting conservative voices against the liberal counterparts. From calling proven mail-in-ballot voter fraud safe to falsely labeling ANTIFA rioters as Angry White Supremacists , SM giants have played a huge role in spreading disinformation like wildfire. No, It isn’t about Trump or Dems, it’s about FOE of people these elites don’t agree with.Joe Biden who “wants” to bring racial justice to black minorities, is the same guy who’s called black & browns predators and called for segregation of blacks in busing. In a 1975 Senate hearing, the legendary civil rights lawyer Jack Greenberg had something to say to then freshman Sen. Joe Biden. Greenberg, longtime director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, took Biden to task for sponsoring a bill that would limit the power of courts to order school desegregation with busing. It was a move that followed the wishes of many of Biden’s white constituents in Delaware. Biden led the charge on an issue that kept black students away from the classrooms of white students. This isn’t all, he’s a history of racist comments against the black American Africans… some subtle ones to other outright nonsense and I shouldn’t even get started on what Kamala Harris had been doing to Black communities before faking this “gentle-kind” side of hers But I guess it’s not a big deal for everyone, may be because Biden isn’t Trump or may be because nobody really cares for a change as long as the other side burns. The hypocrisy and irony of all these is staggering. No Matter who wins this election, the situation in america is bound to worsen.

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