A Fidayeen suicide bomber named Tabrak Hussain has been grabbed by Indian Army on 21st of August at LOC in Jhangar sector of Naushera, Rajouri. Tabrak Hussain was being sent by Pakistani on fidayeen mission. He was caught alive while trying to enter India. At present he is undergoing treatment. During interrogation, he has told that Colonel Yunus of the Pakistani army had sent him and his associates on a suicide mission. 30 thousand rupees were also given to target the Indian Army.



Terrorist Tabrak Hussain was cutting wires on the LoC to infiltrate into India on 21st kf August 2022. He was accompanied by 4-5 more terrorists. They started running as soon as they saw the Indian soldiers. But Tabrak got shot in the firing and he was caught. His fellow terrorists managed to escape.


Tabarak has told that the Indian army posts were the target of his squad. He is a resident of Kotli district of Pakistan. He also told that the Pakistani army instigates the common people to enter the Indian border. They are brain washed. Money is lured. The Pakistani army illtreats those who are not ready to infiltrate.





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