Big-Tech censorship is nothing new, we’ve seen it happen so often but the fact that it targets a particular set of political spectrum is worrying. Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook have left no stone unturned to censor the conservative/rightwing voices – especially at the time of US Elections, these bigtechs have been a part of one of the biggest political disinformation campaigns.

From Censoring NewYorkPost’s bombshell discovery on Hunter Biden’s ties with Ukraine to adding a false fact check on how main-in ballots are safe and falsely debunking actual proofs of voter fraud cases. A day ago, Republican Senator Ted Cruz grilled Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey & Mark Zuckerberg on their role in influencing the elections and misleading voters, to which both of them dodged giving answers.

The biggest takeaway from all these is the worrying trend of silencing non-left voices, while doing nothing to stop the actaul hate speeches spread by the leftwing loonies, provoking people to “riot & burn down the city” goes unnoticed and unchecked by the twitter moderators, same for facebook as well.

Just yesterday, The Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, instead of condemning the brutal beheading of three french civilians, called for an all out killing of Frenchs, justifying the terror attacks in a horrific series of tweets, and what did twitter do? It initially hid the tweet but did not remove it, instead it labelled a message as “twitter has determined it may be in public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.”

I know it sounds atrocious and preposterous but it is true!

While the NewYorkPost’s account still remains locked out for sharing an actual piece of information, confirmed by many individuals/journalists, Islamist Politicians calling for open violence get away without facing any consequences.

Besides, if it was an honest error, then why do they only happen to one specific ideological spectrum ? It was found that Twitter had “censored” President Trump 65 times and Joe Biden zero. “There is a pattern of subjective manipulation of information.” The senator remarked.

On being asked to name single individual with liberal ideology getting censored all this while, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg failed to give a single name and even admitted they had no proof of NYP’s hunter biden article being factually incorrect.

This trend definitely won’t stop unless the media giants are shown their place by raising our voices, the suppression of truth and spread of plethora of misinformation will only lead to more chaos. The sooner we understand, the better.


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