12 Factors Driving Indian Americans Towards Donald Trump – Survey Reveals

"Every Indian American in the US has a family member back home like old parents, brother, sister, friend, business. They want India to be respected and protected from China, which is what Trump can provide. They fear that without Trump, China would start a war with India," notes the memo, which is playing a key role in the campaign, devising its outreach strategy towards the Indian American community. In many must-win battleground states, Indian Americans comprise a substantial and potentially decisive share of the electorate: 190,000 potential voters in Florida, 120,000 in Michigan, 170,000 in Pennsylvania, 150,000 in Georgia, 110,000 in North Carolina, 165,000 in Virginia, and nearly 470,000 in Texas.

Gerry Connolly or Gerry CON-noolly?

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Congressman Gerry Connolly