• President Trump is the first and only world leader who spoke about the danger associated with “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. We need the president who has guts telling the truth and then act upon it, not who is politically correct!
  • Withdrawal of one-sided Iran Nuclear Deal. Nuclear in that region is like planting a suicide bomb to wipe out the world! It is like giving a knife to a monkey!
  • His tough policy against China tariff and Chinese virus.
  • His tough policies against North Korea
  • His tough policies against Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • His tough policy against terrorist epicenter Pakistan
  • He reduced aid to Pakistan which was indirectly used towards spreading terrorism
  • Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban.
  • Unemployment reached to 49 year low during his presidency
  • Pro India policies
  • He is a good friend of India, Prime Minister Modi, and the Hindus
  • The world needs strong leaders like president Trump, Prime minister Modi, and president Putin to protect the world from the terrorism.
  • Some of them believe in dismantling American system and American Law enforcement. Then what? Sharia? Somalian System?
  • Some of them believe in defunding police. If not police, who is going to protect American families?
  • Joe Biden wish to have Islamic education. Keeping quiet about other religions! Doesn’t he know that most Islamic schools teach hate and kill non-Muslims?
  • Some of them are in favor of bringing unconstitutional Islamic Sharia laws in the USA.
  • Joe Biden and the Democratic party in general has anti-India stands.
  • Most of them are in favor of terrorist country Pakistan. Appeasing and funding Pakistan is nothing but promoting terrorism!
  • Joe Biden willing to raise Kashmir issue. Obviously, not in favor of tortured/victim Hindus, but in favor of Muslims who tortured, killed, raped thousands and finally kicked out more than 750,000 Hindus out of their homes and forced to live in filthy shelters for the past 30 years.
  • They are against India’s most humanitarian steps such as the CAA/NRC and abrogation of the article 370.
  • First time ever preparing for a religious block voting by Muslims and appeasement in return. It is dangerous for democracy.
  • Democratic party is hijacked by the communists, socialists, and Islamist. Dangerous for democratic America.
  • The latest riots in America should be a wake-up call to Americans.

This election will be very important for the USA, India, and the world at large. Vote wisely.

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