after Galwan Conflict, a Ground unit went into Psychological distress, some Chinese soldiers started complaining about Bed-wetting

Imagine a force that was developed with aim to protect leaders of a political party, fight for a political party, not for the nation.

A force that for last 40 years killing its own citizens and have not fought a single battle at all.

A force that is led by inefficient leaders deeply buried in corruption.

Yes, that is Chinese military; one of the weakest, full of self doubt, fearful of any real war, unsure about its own weaponry and rotten by corruption. 

Corruption is so deep in Chinese Military that recently their Military Chief of staff Fang Fenghui was convicted of accepting and offering bribes, and having an unclear source of a huge amount of assets. 

It is believed that most Chinese big weapons and military machinery is fake and can not stand in a real war situation. 

China is following one child policy for more than three decades, most of its soldiers are spoiled single child of their parents and since birth they have grown in a “culture of fear” where “to die” is just not an option. 

For example, recently, at one military exercise in the summer of 2012, a strategic PLA unit, stressed out by the hard work of handling warheads in an underground bunker complex, actually had to take time out of a 15 day warlike training for movie nights and karaoke parties. In fact, by day nine of the exercise, a “cultural performance troupe” (common PLA euphemism for song-and-dance girls) had to be brought into the otherwise sealed facility to entertain the homesick soldiers.

As per some psychological analysis reports 75% of Chinese soldiers will run away for life in a real war situation.  

Apparently becoming suspicious that men might not have the emotional fortitude to hack it in high-pressure situations, an experimental all-female unit was then brought in for the 2013 iteration of the war games in May 2013, for an abbreviated 72-hour trial run. 

Unfortunately for the PLA, the results were even worse. By the end of the second day of the exercise, the hardened tunnel facility’s psychological counseling office was overrun with patients, many reportedly too upset to eat and one even suffering with severe nausea because of the unpleasant conditions.

Even in Galwan valley, it is believed that after more than 100 Chinese soldiers were killed by Indian army, China was forced to change entire units deployed at Ladakh with new units, as most of them developed serious psychological issues and some have even lost all their senses and have started behaving weirdly like bed-wetting at nights. 

As per reports in Diplomat, PLA unlike the armed forces of the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regional heavyweights, is by definition not a professional fighting force. Even Pakistan has better trained army when it comes to handling real war situations.  Rather, it is a “party army,” the armed wing of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Indeed, all career officers in the PLA are members of the CCP and all units at the company level and above have political officers assigned to enforce party control. 

Likewise, all important decisions in the PLA are made by Communist Party committees that are dominated by political officers, not by operators. 

China is yet to fight a real war, but chances are in case of a real war, China may see some of its senior officers running away with families just to avoid going to war. 

At the end of the day, it’s all Chinese – you never know when it will break down. 

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