Stop all conversions; it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped
the Fountain of truth by Mahatma Gandhi.

Kyle Fiess, Maranatha (Org for building churches) marketing director reports: “We were astonished when Ron Watts (head of Seventh Day Adventists) presented us. With a proposal for 10,000 churches in India…After many experiences like the one in Ongole, we no longer consider 10,000 churches to be an unrealistic goal, but an unparalleled opportunity”.

Ongole Story: 15,018 persons converted in a Single day.

In 1998, the Seventh Adventist Church reported 225,000 members. In 2005, the numbers reached 825,000. “Most of the people in the villages are from a Hindu background, so it was gratifying to see so many people accepting Jesus,” said Stenbakken (Seventh Day Adventist). This much conversion by just one organisation. There are several other organisations working in parallel.

Goal of 100 Million Hindu Converts, Declared by Reverend Pat Robertson in Dallas
Christian Conclave in Oct 2005 Worldwide Goal of One Billion Declared in the same
conclave, to make up for losses in Europe.

Ron Watts has successfully launched 100- village conversion programs with a church. Each church costs approx 5000$/- . Land is free because they are build illegally on Poromboke and Mandir Lands. In some areas, it is believed that 70% of Dalits were

Just like above there are several examples on how missionaries are converting people. Below is the latest of all and a massive one. In which whooping 175000000 US dollars allotted by a Christian Missionary for conversions !

“INTERNATIONAL MISSION BOARD” (IMB) wants to bring Jesus to every tribe, nation, people and language.  The excuse they give is “God has given His vision to the Church”.

What does it mean?

It literally means “We are going to destroy every tribe, nation, people and language those who doesn’t believe in Jesus”.

IMB wants to carry out the Great commission to make disciples of all nations. Making disciples. How? By hook or crook.

Service, Love etc., these are the sweet coated poison like veils they use to approach people in places where aggression is not possible. Just remove the veil you can see their demoniac nature. Other man’s destress is their celebration. Don’t believe us ? Read from their web site

The annual budget allotted for converting people in the Unreached Groups by IMB is 175 million Dollars ,i.e  175,000,000  (if converted into rupees it would be  12,775, 000,000,000  Rupees). There are 3,535 missionary families working for IMB to carry out the conversions.

“INTERNATIONAL MISSION BOARD”, violating Indian visa Laws and sending in hoards of missionaries. 

“INTERNATIONAL MISSION BOARD”, having its headquarters at 3806, Monument Ave. Richmond, VA, 23230 is involved in Religious Conversions under the garb of social activities by sending Christian Preachers to India and other Countries or by contacting any locals and localities for their purpose.

They had plans to send a batch of 12 seminary graduates to India to convert people but due to COVID it got cancelled.

Missionaries are being sent into India under different dubious categories. Here is a partial list of their future missionary trips to India.

Whatever visa these people hold in India, they are in violation of the terms and conditions of the visa.  If they hold a missionary visa, visa holders cannot use it for proselytising and can only join a missionary organisation APPROVED by the Govt of India.  In order to be approved by the government of India to operate within the country, an organisation must receive a certificate indicating it is compliant with the Foreign Contributions Regulatory Act.  If they hold a tourist visa, they can only use it for non-business purposes, such as tourism or visiting family and friends.

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