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Two thousand years ago, I am informed, there lived a man called Jesus who was born out of wedlock.  I say born out of wedlock since as far as I can make out it is claimed the mother of Jesus, Mary, was in fact a virgin. If so, then her marriage to Joseph was never consummated. And people in that era believed that you had to consummate a marriage for it to be official. Interestingly, even today in many countries that remains one of the tests of a marriage.

The Church is a sinner, set up by sinners and it seems followed by sinners. In fact, the membership to this club is only for sinners.  Thankfully, I don’t belong to it, of course you can you decide if I am a sinner or not! Fortunately for me, Karma is king, and it trumps everything.

This week we saw the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in the UK apologising to survivors of abuse, as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) prepared to publish its overarching investigation report into the Church of England.  Thousands of young innocent children used and sexually abused by the ambassadors of Christ. And this has been happening for many years, it finally came out recently with so much overpowering evidence that the Church itself had no choice but to accept it.  It seems their collective sins overflowed to such a degree that even the all-powerful Church was unable to contain it any longer. Karma wins again it seems.

Of course, the same is true for the Vatican and the Catholic Church, lest people think it only happened in one part of this sinful man-made creation.  In 2014 the UN accused the Vatican of “systematically” adopting policies allowing priests to sexually abuse thousands of children.  Think about it, the Vatican, the abode of the infallible, accused by none other than the UN of systematically creating conditions whereby the representatives of Christ on Earth could abuse children for their own deviant and perverted sexual pleasure.

And folks they tell us this is the religion of ‘love’. I’d say, they took that a bit too literally. One is left wondering, what else can you expect when the very basis for the Church is to bring together all the sinners! 

I am always amused when periodically the Vatican makes up a saint. A great way to deflect attention away from the crimes of the Church and the fake narrative of centuries old.  It allows the evil doers to hoodwink innocent and vulnerable people and make them ready for conversion. Incredible that they sell this poison under the pretence of saving the souls of heathens. I understand the trade of Christians buying souls is rife in India.  That is not a surprise when you consider the utter negligence of repeated Indian Governments that allowed its own people to be exploited by the ‘white’ Church.  In fact, we see the spectacle of someone like Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu being made a saint by the Vatican.  Some of you are now asking, who the hell is Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu?  The world knows her as ‘Mother Teresa’.  Beware the aid of the Samaritan who smiles in your face, for they hide a dark secret that their only intention is to capture your soul for Jesus. I say Jesus, but I suspect this soul harvesting is done more for the benefit of the Church and its administrators.

Abuses by the Church have been on-going for centuries. Do you know that it took several hundred years for the Church to figure out what would go into its Bible! Yes, and they want you to think that’s the word of God. It is nothing but the word of men, men who want to control the masses by putting the fear of God into people. And by putting the fear of God, I mean the sheer brutality of the Church, the wars it took part in and engineered through the centuries, and the decimation of countless civilisations and its people in the name of their ‘loving’ God. Look around you, and you will see utter devastation by these sinners who in the name of their religion took it upon themselves to convert the innocent by any means necessary, and to destroy any culture that stood in its way. Is there any place in the world where the sins of the Church cannot be seen?

I often wonder if the Church is in partnership with the devil. Of course, the devil is a creation of the Church as well. It’s almost as if the devilish behaviour is encouraged to sustain the narrative of the Church.

One of the greatest crimes against humanity is that of proselytising.  This religious terrorism masked as sharing the love of Jesus has been at the very centre of every crime committed by the Church.  No true God can ever demand, condone, or encourage that proselytising be used as a weapon on his folk. In my view, proselytising should be made a defined crime against humanity, punishable by the international courts.

And to think that a man from Bethlehem, conceived out of wedlock, born to a virgin, became God’s son, was unable to protect himself from being crucified by the Romans, was not white but that did not stop the Europeans from making him their white God, ends up being the head of a Church in his name which works out of Rome, a Church that indulges in the mass genocide of countless people and cultures, a Church that forcefully converts the heathens, and a Church that systematically created opportunities for the mass sexual abuse of children.  All in the name of that one loving God! And recently we have witnessed through the anarchists Black Lives Matter movement, that in fact Jesus should now be classified as black.  You can’t make this stuff up if you tried.  And if you did, you’ll be locked up for a very long time.

Folks, we humans must differentiate between a God and the religious institutions that are set up to exploit the vulnerable and embed power in the hands of the devils. I await the day when even one country in the world will have the guts to stand up at the UN and demand that proselytising, in all its forms, is declared as a crime against humanity. If the world wants peace, then humanity will have to tackle this scourge perpetrated in the name of God and the devil. 

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