Arundhati Roy who is an author influenced by Communism Marxist ideology and Leftist lobby of India portrays her as a jewel in the crown of the left intelligentsia is always found standing with Anti nationalist elements and groups, many a times she and her left lobby were found hurting the sentiments and beliefs of Majority community of India Directly or Indirectly through their propaganda. Through her speeches and writings she criticizes the BJP govt in such a way that sounds exaggerating and cartoonish and nothing else. She often wrote Articles which intent to justify the Islamic radicalism by equating it with Poverty, lack of education and with alacrity give their remarks on foreign policies of India which is just a crap. For her and her lobby India comes last and flag bearers of Marxist ideology i.e China will stands first for them in terms of priority and allegiance.

On 11 March 2002, Arundhati Roy Published an article in TIME magazine on Gulbarg society Case of 2002 Gujarat riots in which EX MP of CONG Ehsan Jafari was killed by mob after he did firing on the mob with his private weapons. Arundhati roy stated in an article that not only Ehsan jafari was killed but his daughter was stripped in front of him by the mob, She was then teased and then raped by the mobsters. On the following day Son of Ehsan jafri denied the claim of Arundhati Roy that his sister was raped and told in the ASIAN AGE that none of my sisters was raped by rioters. Now only god knows from where she wrote that and how did Time magazine allowed her to write baseless news when the whole state was caught in the thick of riots.

Roshan saw Jafri’s Daughter being stripped and Raped

ARUNDHATI ROY, TIME magazine, 11 March 2002

This is the reality of Fake intellectuals of Marxist ideology who peddle fake news to furthur their own agenda even if it undermines the security of the state, Arundhati roy was also involved in Anti Narmada movement with her friend Medha Patkar in the name of environmental protection but only in the BJP running state. Making the Victim Criminal and vice versa for their propaganda is the essence of their journalism. Violence in the name of freedom of speech is perceptible from them and if the govt sues them as per the law then they would cry in a way that maligns the image of India worldwide. As an aware and patriotic citizen we must boycott this left lobby as much as possible at all levels to teach them a firm lesson and the idiocies they do in the name of journalism must be despised by us. It is due to our passive nature that they get emboldened and make only Hindus as the culprit in every scenario by distorting the facts in their own favor. We must have a zero tolerance nature towards them and prohibit not only yourself but convince others to reject them because remember it’s duty of both govt and citizens to fight the anti nationals.

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