I was in my company’s NY office early this year. I realized quickly that every American office has some designated liberal Ayotollahs who decide what is an acceptable and politically correct view. In case, if someone express any support or sympathies to Trump or Republican causes, that person would be brutally humiliated and even racial and gender-based insults are acceptable as long as they are directed towards a right-winger. Even call for a balanced view such as ‘Muslim world need social reforms’ or we cannot deny that ‘Trump has put China on its toes’ would make you a outlaw and sounds a death knell to your career. In client meetings, people were falling over each other to make usually crass Trump jokes and it was mandatory for people to laugh as a proof of your alligience to new order. It’s like NY workspaces operating in some Orwellian setting with highly unsafe environment for diverse ideas. For all stories about NRI support for Modi, in my professional encounters, I always found NRIs strongly anti-Modi anti -Hindu and borderline anti-India with extreme sympathies for Muslim cause. After NY experience, I can only express my sympathies to their plight driven by livelihood issues and aided by centuries of Dhimmitude.

However, do we think that India can buck trend of growing Marxist Fascism in world? Alliance of Marxist and Islamists is a global one and Indian chapter is soon expected to copy their US counterparts. World is highly globalised with nerve centres of free world in Western world. Over the years, West has seen destruction of natural support pillars like family and religion with the onslaught of shallow ideologies of Feminism and Liberalism. With the desperate need to find a reason to live, There is widespread acceptance of Wke Taliban in corridors of powers that sells a promise of making a better tomorrow. Now, let’s return to India. It is not entirely implausible that a US client force their Indian vendors to embrace Woke Taliban in their organisation and purge Pro-Modi staff. Recent example is withdrawl of a book about 2020 Anti-Hindu riots because it does not subscribe to the worldview of Woke Taliban. That could happen because Bloomsbury is a global publishing house and can be subjected to pressure from global sugar daddies of Indian chapter. Till 1980s, education sector was one of the few sectors which was allowed global exposure and had a significant penetration of intolerant left. Today, we can see how our Indian universities are at forefront of anti-national activities. Adding to that, Centuries of slavery has produced a significant large deracinated class of Indians that look for constant approval from global elite., starting from our first Prime Minister to IT moguls such as Sunder Pichai to super woke Kamala Harris. These people are projected as role models for our teenagers to emulate. Like Vivekanand said, every person leaving Hindu fold is not one person less, but one more enemy. A Kavita Krishnan or Anuraj Kashyap spreading misinformation on CAA can be easily countered but it would be impossible to counter a Satya Nadella, successful role model living American dream. These so-called Indians are main instruments in propagation of woke Taliban propaganda in India.

Ray of Hope: Indian State Taking Charge of Civilizational Duties

We are 70 years late but we have lost not the battle yet. Some baby steps have been taken in form of Ayodhya and economic restriction on hostile nations. Indic institutions have to be rebuild to regain lost power over 1000 years under the custodianship of Indian state rooted in Santana tradition. Nalanda or Takshashila have to be rebuilt so that Indian students do not have to embrace Dhimmitude in order to get good education. State has to ensure swift and proportionate reprisals for any attack on Indic traditions by commercial actors. Netflix and Amazons of the world must live in constant fear of losing their business. Indian has to be given confidence that if he lose job for standing by his country in UAE, there is an entire ecosystem that would support his family. For example, if NASDAQ refuse to lend its billboard for a Ram Mandir at behest of Islamists, NASDAQ must be banned from including companies listed on Indian exchanges in its indices. If a Bloomsbury is afraid of global cartel, it should also be equally afraid of reaction of Indians. Indian state need to assume mantle of custodian of our ancient civilization. We already have a precedent. Why do you think Arabs have come around on Kashmir ? Do you think they have special love for India ? We are world’s 3rd largest consumer of oil in the world which is lifeline of Arab countries and Modi has been more than willing to wield that leverage. Overall, an environment has to be created ensuring freedom to propagate Indic traditions without fear or humiliation and with the confidence that is suitable for 5000 year old and 140 crore strong civilization. Our enemies have created protective shields over decades (if not centuries) for their soldiers. Do we have in it us to arm our soldiers ?

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