This article is the second part of the series “Communists, the constant antagonists of the Indian state”. In this series of articles, I will be pointing and briefing down the incidents which make Communists, the constant antagonists of  the Indian state.


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So far, i have stated 5 instances which authenticates the title of the series “Communists, the constant antagonists of the Indian state”. Let’s dip down to hunt another such instances to substantiate the assertion.


6- When China invaded Tibet , Communist Party of India applauded China for the move it took. A Communist Party statement of March 31 praised the Chinese for leading the Tibetans from medieval darkness. The same Communist Party of India which marks BJP government as fascist for no reasons was actually supporting and applauding the Chinese for the fascism they went for. Not only they supported China but also blamed Indian elements for creating trouble.


7- Author and Columnist Aabhas Maldahiyar in his thread of tweets presented sources from CIA dossier where he claimed that HS Surjit and others were working with the Soviet Communists to setup an underground party.On Feb 1958, an official of the Soviet Embassy contacted CPI Leaders to renew the request to setup an underground organization.1958, The dossier further mentions CPI leader,Basavapunniah. As per him the source of inspiration for the CPI should be Communist China not Soviet, & he planned to talk to Chinese Leaders exactly like how Disciple talks to his teachers. Left,had then begun inclining towards China.


8- The same dossier presented the view that on February 1959, Ajoy Ghosh presented a report to the Central Executive Committee that China & Russia insisted that the #CPI should develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance,by intensifying penetration in Indian Military.“Mao” the killer was in picture. Ajoy Ghosh also led a four-man, predominantly moderate CPI delegate on 21st CPSU Congress in late January. On 9 February, upon the close of the congress,Ghosh went to PeSping, where he is reported to have had talks with  Mao and Chou too.


9- In 1962 during the Sino- Indian war, many communists from the Communist Party of India openly supported China. During the war, Community Party of India objected to a blood donation camp for the Indian Army. The party told it’s members not to donate blood for the Indian soldiers. CPI(M) founder Achuthanandan defied his fellow communists and he was promptly demoted and shunted out of the Central Committee. “China’s Chairman, our Chairman” can be easily heard by the actions the Communist parties undertook during the war.


10- The communists mercilessly masaccred Dalit Bengalis. The masaccre came to be known as Marichjhapi massacre.It was a Jallianwala Bagh-like situation. Several West Bengal Police patrol boats and two BSF steamers encircled an island in the Sundarbans on 26 January 1979 and ruthlessly ‘enforced’ an economic blockade. That island was called Marichjhapi. On 31 January, when the islanders protested, they were fired at.This went on for days. Many say 5,000 to 10,000 people, including children, were killed. Jyoti Basu’s information minister at the time, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, announced that the island had been cleared of ‘illegal occupants’. It was one of the worst massacres independent India had witnessed. But it was buried successfully by the Left government. Almost forty years later, the wounds of the Marichjhapi Bengali refugees came to be highlighted. The Communist Party which talks about Dalits in order to hold to the Dalit vote bank should open their eyes to see the heinous act it commited against Dalits.

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