In this second part of the series exposing Congress’ diabolical Tool Kit which derides India, Hinduism and exposes Congress’ depraved mentality of blocking even hospital beds for creating scarcity to defame Modi government for its handling of the Covid pandemic.

Here is a point by point analysis of Congress’ strategy to spread lies about PM CARES, falsely claim special treatment to Gujarat and call Central Vista project wasteful.


  • Claim PM CARES is an opaque private trust for collecting money for unknown purposes.
  • Mobilize former friendly and pliant civil servants to question PM CARES.
  • Target celebrities who donate to PM CARES in social media by aggressively questioning them and use Congress social media to embarrass them. It is pertinent to note here that when the Australian cricketer Pat Cummings donated $50,000 to PM CARES for Oxygen cylinders, the extended Congress social media along with its pliant crawlers in the media targeted him so badly that he withdrew the donation to PM CARES and donated it to UN’s WHO.
  • Congress deliberately did not use ventilators sent through PM CARES to Punjab & Haryana and tried to spread canard that it is defective. If it was defective it was the state’s job to fix it through mechanics or inform the centre about it. They did neither. Congress only created more deaths due to lack of ventilators.
  • Congress’ plan to mobilize friendly RTI activists, like Rahul Gandhi’s sidekick Saket Gokhale, to file multiple RTIs on every aspect and decision of PM CARES.


  • Build a narrative that since Modi hails from Gujarat, it gets special treatment.
  • Give spurious half baked data to claim that Gujarat got more vaccines in proportion to its population to other states.
  • Turn the distress among people to anger against Modi, tell other states people Modi cares only for Gujarat.
  • For this the Congress plan is not to show Covid problem in Gujarat outside the state. So that people in other states start resenting Modi.


  • Call the Central Vista Project in panel discussions “Modi’s Personal House”.
  • File PIL against it in Delhi High Court.
  • Spread lies that the money allocated for the Central Vista can be used for procuring vaccines in the pandemic.
  • While the truth is only Rs. 20000 crores is to be spent for the project. Which actually saves money as Rs. 1500 crores is spent annually for renting of offices for various ministries. Most of these rented offices in Lutyens Delhi is owned by Congressmen and their friends so it would be a loss for them if these premises are not taken on rent by Government.
  • Moreover, Rs. 20000 crores is being spent over 4 years which amounts to Rs. 5000 crores per year. This amount is very small compared to monthly GST incomes which exceed 1 lakh crores.
  • The project costs are quite low compared to the same proposal by Sonia Gandhi’s UPA proposal to build new Parliament. The budget for the new Parliament in Congress’ proposal was Rs.3000 crores, whereas even after inflation the budget for a new Parliament in the Central Vista Project under Modi is only Rs.971 crores.
  • This rabid objection by the Congress ecosystem to Central Vista Project is because of loss of commissions and kickbacks for Sonia Gandhi family.
  • The sole aim of Sonia Gandhi’s Congress and their ecosystem has been to loot the nation, lakhs of crores of public exchequer was lost during UPA regime in unending scams.

The problem with Congress is despite the raging pandemic and national emergency, PM Modi’s reputation among masses as a sincere and able leader to lead India through the crisis is intact. So Congress devised a Tool Kit to be followed by the party members and its camp followers in the media to create a false narrative to defame Modi to wrest back power.

We shall see in the next part of the series on the Tool Kit expose how Congress stooped so low as to block beds in hospitals to create scarcity and coined the second mutation of the virus in India as ‘Indian strain’ or “Modi strain”.

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