Sonia Congress’ hatred for Bhagwan Ram is well known as it officially filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court calling Bhagwan Ram a fictitious character and a myth. So it comes as no big surprise when the news report of Congress student wing, NSUI (National Students’ Union of India), expelling 7 leaders of its East Singhbhum unit in Jharkhand for wishing ‘Jai Shri Ram’ on the party’s official Whats App group came to light on Tuesday.

For the Sonia Congress and its student wing, chanting or wishing ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is a crime which warrants expulsion for three years from the political outfit. While leaders who are accused of abetting their wife’s suspicious death, or accused of rape or accused of rioting or accused of fraud and committing scams like the party President herself in the National Herald scam are feted and promoted.

As per HT report, NSUI district President Rose Tirkey issued an official order expelling NSUI Jamshedpur workers Kamal Agrawal, Raj Mahato, Rahul Giri, Anand Singh, Prashant Kumar, Lav Kumar and Jayanto Pramanik.

Tirkey reportedly stated in the order, “These people promoted factionalism against NSUI district president and promoted a particular religion in NSUI’s official WhatsApp group. All these leaders are being expelled immediately from the NSUI for three years for their anti-party activities, social media posts against party lines organisational protocol, and promoting factionalism within the organisation.”

The NSUI district President claimed to sack the 7 leaders for ensuring ‘secular’ non-religious organisational ideals. “Congress and NSUI are not based or inclined to any particular religion, it’s not a party or organisation of any particular religion. There’’s no need and place for leaders resorting to such acts…”

By the way, perhaps the twisted definition of secularism as practised by Sonia Congress is anti-Hinduism, as the party loves holding Iftaar feasts during Ramzaan and loves to fete Islamist terrorism ideologists like Zakir Naik, who even gave funds to Sonia’s Rajiv Gandhi foundation.

The HT reported that one of the expelled persons Kamal Agrawal said he did not receive any such order. “I have not received the expulsion order as yet, but came to know about it from media. I had a detailed talk with our state president Aamir Hashmi recently over organisational matters. Doesn’t everyone has the right to practice their religion in this country? We wished each other with Jai Shri Ram the way Sikhs say Wahe Guru,” he said.

Well, for Kamal Agrawal, unfortunately, chanting ‘Allah u Akbar’ or ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Our Father, Thy Kingdom Come’ is kosher and secular but wishing ‘Jai Shri Ram’ is very communal in Sonia Congress!

The BJP district general secretary Rakesh Singh reportedly condemned the move as “anti-Hindu”. “This is promoting appeasement. Now, Congress has objection to Jai Shri Ram in Jharkhand after Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal. Congress’ student wing expelled its members for taking Lord Ram’s name in Lord Ram’s country. Top Congress leaders raise doubt over existence of Lord Ram, who is revered and worshipped by billions of Hindus,” said Singh.

It is not surprising that Sonia Congress nurses deep hatred for Bhagwan Ram as they insist on having Italians as their party head so it is only understandable that they identify with Rome and not Ram!

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