Khalistani propped Fake Farmers plunged the national in absolute mayhem of Khalistani terror by brandishing naked swords, using tractors as weapons, beating up security forces in the Red Fort and Delhi Police, injuring many of them critically and removing the Tricolour from the Red Fort and replacing it with Khalistani flag.

The fake protesting farmers, supporters of dubious violent self-styled Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait are refusing to vacate the highways in Singhu border, Ghazipur border and other areas where they are squatting for the past 60 days and inconveniencing crores of law-abiding peaceful citizens.

The fakery of these Khalistani activists can be gauged by the video put up by Sudarshan News, when it’s reporter asks the so-called protesting farmer to denounce Khalistani movement just by saying in Hindi, “Khalistan Murdabad” the fake farmer with the Indian tricolour in hand to befool other nationalists, refuses to say “Khalistan Mudabad”.

The fake farmers supporting Rakesh Tikait and protesting against legal action on Tikait by Delhi Police and UP Police for his inciting statements and conspiracy to cause mayhem in Delhi under the pretext of peaceful Tractor Rally, refuse to even denounce the ideology of Khalistan which aims to dismember India by cutting of Punjab from India.

The video of Sudarshan News clipping tweeted by Prof Madhu Kishwar is posted below.

It is time the overwhelming majority of peace loving civilized silent nationalists of India, personally go in large groups in a systematic way and ask the fake protestors to vacate our public spaces as we cannot be allow the mobsters and goondas to rule over us and try to overawe a duly elected central government.

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