Gang-rape survivors of the terrifying Bengal violence unleashed by the TMC party cadre after the party’s electoral victory on May 2nd, have now approached the Supreme Court for justice. They moved the Supreme Court narrating their horrifying tale of gang-rape by TMC cadre after the Supreme Court finally took up the case of two BJP workers allegedly murdered by TMC workers. A 60 year old gang-rape survivor recites her terrible ordeal which should shame the entire country and civilized society. She narrates how TMC workers uses rape as a potent weapon to crush political opponents in a democratic nation.

The gang-rape survivors have sought a SIT probe monitored by the SC into all incidents of violence and inaction by the West Bengal Police. The women have urged the SC to take actions on the same lines as taken by the apex court in the Godhra riots cases.

The women survivors have sought a thorough investigation into the ongoing state sponsored violence in Bengal where several incidents of gang-rape, murder and arson have been perpetrated by the ruling party workers as retribution for exercising their democratic political choice.

As per a report by senior journalist Dhanajay Mahapatra in the Times of India, a 60 year old woman has narrated her spine chilling tale of horror in the petition which would shame entire civilized society. She has revealed her ordeal by retelling the way TMC workers barged into her house, in the intervening night of May4-5, in a village in Purbia Medinipur and gang-raped her in front of her six year old grandson thereafter looted her house of all valuables they possessed.

She stated that a mob of 100-200 TMC workers surrounded her house on May 3rd and threatened to bomb it. Her daughter-in-law fled in fear the very next day. Thereafter, on the intervening night of May 4-5, five TMC workers barged into her house, tied her to a cot and gang-raped her in presence of her 6 year old grandson.

She has stated in her petition that she was later found in an unconscious state the next day morning by her neighbours, who rushed her to a district hospital. She has also accused the West Bengal police of refusing to lodge a FIR of gang-rape when her son-in-law went to lodge a complaint; he was instead harassed by the police and chased away by warning him of dire consequences.

The 60 year old gang-rape victim states that the TMC workers used rape as a weapon of political revenge to humiliate and silence political rivals in the state during the post-poll mayhem and terror unleashed by the party.

She stated very poignantly, “While history is replete with gruesome instances where rape was employed as a strategy to terrorise the enemy civilian population and to demoralise enemy troops, but never have such cruel crimes been committed against a woman for her or her family’s participation in the democratic process. Not merely the said crimes were facilitated by inaction of state authorities / police, but what was shocking is the post-crime humiliation that the rape survivors subjected to, for their perceived audacity in reporting the crime.”

Pertinently, in the post poll terror unleashed by TMC workers post 2nd May, over 1,00,000 people have been left homeless as their houses have been burnt and destroyed by the TMC goons. Over 32 people have been killed of which 11 belong to SC and 3 are women from ST communities. As many as 3000 villages have been affected by TMC terror and 191 refugee camps house around 7000 internally displaced people due to the targeted violence by TMC criminals. Over 2200 BJP workers or sympathisers have been attacked resulting in very serious injuries and four women have been gang-raped by TMC workers and more than 40 women have been given gang-rape and death threats.

Other than the 60 year old elderly woman gang-rape survivor who has approached the Supreme Court, a 17 year old minor girl has been brutally gang-raped and critically injured by TMC criminals whose complaint was not even lodged by the West Bengal police. There are several other instances as reported by Devdutta Maji, a Hindu activist, where the police in West Bengal have instead asked wives of BJP workers to go and please TMC Muslim goons to spare their husband from being murdered. The situation is so bad in Bengal today that it mirrors the state sponsored genocide of Hindus during partition in Bengal in 1946-47 under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Bengal’s then Muslim League head Suhrawardy.

It is unfortunate that though the whole national & international media and the Supreme Court goes ballistic when a single Muslim is victimised in a BJP ruled state, they remain mute spectators in the ongoing genocide of Hindus in Bengal after the 1989-90 genocide in Kashmir. Are Hindus not human beings? Don’t they have fundamental right to live and exercise their democratic political choices?

It is hoped that the exalted apex court of this country takes due cognisance of the brutal violence, gang-rapes and genocide of Hindus in Bengal under the garb of political violence and takes suitable measures like instituting a court monitored SIT on the numerous state sponsored human right crimes in Bengal. It is also hoped that the Supreme Court takes to task CM Mamata Banerjee for criminally encouraging her party workers to unleash terror and genocide in Bengal.

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