In a shocking incident of violent Halal imposition by Islamist jihadis at Wayanad in Kerala has come to light in an report by Kerala based Janam TV, where a Christian named Shaji M Varghese was brutally attacked and intimidated for selling non-Halal meat.

Shaji was beaten up, forcefully fed raw meat at Meenangadi in Wayanad district of Kerala to punish him for selling non-Halal meant on Easter day.

The Islamists also burnt a lorry owned by Manoj which was used to distribute non-Halal meat. Notably, “Kisan Mitra”, comprising of a group of farmers undertook the intiative to sell non-Halal meat on Easter day which rattled Islamists as it hurt their Halal meat business.

Christians and Hindus prefer non-Halal meat as it is prohibited for them to consume Halal meat produced exclusively by Muslims.

Muslims in various parts of India have exclusively taken over meat business leaving many non-Muslims in the meat business unemployed. Muslims follow an approved method of producing meat, called Halal meat, which demands employment of only Muslims in the whole process of manufacturing meat and butchery to the exclusion of non-Muslims in the process.

The Halal-meat production also involves killing the animal in a slow cruel and torturous process by bleeding the animal to death. Quranic verses are uttered by invoking Allah before, during and after butchering the animal for producing meat. All this makes Halal meat forbidden for consumption by Hindus and Christians.

So, many Christian and Hindu organisations had started taking initiatives in Kerala by making their followers aware about Halal meat, its ethical problems and economic exclusion of non-Muslims and urged them to consume only non-Halal meat.

Some Hindu and Christian organisations initiated production of non-Halal meat, ( Jhatka meat for Hindus ) in Kerala and started to sell them by forming their own network of enterprises to make non-Halal meat available to Hindus and Christians of Kerala.

The Islamist jihadis who run the exclusive lucrative business of Halal meat saw it as an invasion in their imposed monopoly in meat trade and attack and harass Christians and Hindus involved in meat business.

Non-Halal meat sold by Kisan Maitri has become very popular among consumers in Wayanad as Halal meat sold in Kerala is well known to be of very low quality meat, so the Islamists wanted to crush the fledgling non-Halal meat business by physically attacking people who are in non-Halal meat business and destroying their stock of meat to cause them losses.

Surprisingly, the Kerala police and the main stream media is silent about the violent, terrorising tactics of Islamist jihadis to intimidate non-Muslims to stay away from production and sale of non-Halal meat. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party MP from Wayanad is feigning ignorance and completely silent on the Islamist attacks on Christians and non-Muslims engaged in non-Halal meat business.

This imposition and monopoly of Halal meat in Kerala is reminiscent of Islamic rule in India, where Hindus and other non-Muslims could not trade or be involved in many economic activities or even practice their religion without paying a huge tax called Jizya.

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