The reason to introduce reservation in India is to stop discrimination among a specific disadvantaged section of society in a way to uplift them.

The only cause that appears to be true is: reservation in India is to uplift the section that has suffered by injustice and disadvantages based on mythological evidence, that is division of society on the basis of caste.

Reservation includes Caste Based, Women, Elderly People, Economically Weaker, Religious Minorities, Physical Challenged. If seen reservation is providing a protective blanket to these all categories who are/were forced to live in elbows for a long time. India has provided reservation to these categories in education, employment, as well as the economic field.

But the question is from 1965 to 2021 the percent of reservation in every field is increased and by 2020 reservation period is extended to 2030, which means more next ten years.

Even after implementation of reservation from a long time, India needs resrvation to uplift it’s people, it indicates the failure of policies to work with the errors.

Resrvation has helped many people to grow and occupy good positions in India’s top class jobs. Resrvation has helped miniorities to come up. It has helped the discriminated section to grow educationally, as well as socially. To conclude the goods of reservation it can be stated that reservation acted as tool to fix their equity.

How long this reservation criteria needs to be followed?

If seen with goods reservation is stretching a line of discrimination between social groups. Specifically, surname reservation is truly the cause of discrimination that in today’s time is faced by the upper class. Surname reservation somewhere has deepened the root of enmity against castes and has promoted the caste system till today.

As per Supreme Court, any person belonging to the reserved surname category can avail his/her position in the open category even if there is a reserved slot for them. If every applicant appeared is present with equal qualification and qualifies prescribed standards then this reservation appears to be discriminatory concerning those who appear every year as a contestant of open race every year.

To cover this there is a criterion which defines the concept of creamy layer, if so then why it is specifically caste-based, if upper, as well as lower both, are on the same phase then why there is such provision or inclination towards a particular caste. These must be merged with the Economical Weaker Section or Economical Backward Class.

Yes, there is a class facing injustice and is under shadow even today. Why so? Because there is no voice for them and those who have never faced any kind of injustice are sitting on big chairs under caste-based reservation patterns. The data needs to be reanalyzed and who are Dalits must be rectified.

Reservation in India is always used as a tool to get votes, our politicians are fond of it. More than benefiting the real people facing trouble it is to get votes every time in the name of saving them or uplifting them, that’s why even today, after 74 years of independence it is continued.

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