In the game of Butchering people ,Islam makes any other political ideologies look like Santa Claus !!! The blood spilled by the Abrahamic religion is tough to wash and therefore muslims have come out with the term “Islamophobia” in order to cover the left blood marks. The term is used to cancel the voices who speak against the exclusive ideology of Islam. Islamophobia, the term doesn’t make any sense as ‘phobia’ translates to irrational fear whereas the fear people have of Islam is Rational !!!

Buddhists too had to suffer the barbaric mindset of Muslims.The muslims conquered Balkh which was a centre of Buddhism. Many people in Balkh were sympathetic to Buddhism after the conquest and they were harshly denounced by adherents of Islamic orthodoxy.

The Buddhist monastery of Nava Vihara which had become a symbol of national resistance was damaged under Muawiyah I. The Arabs allowed the non-Muslims to practice their religion as long as they paid the poll-tax called jizya.

Buddhists had to undergo persecution and killings in Turkey, in Bharat under the barbaric Islamic rule, along the silk route and also in Afganistan. After the recent takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, Taliban ordered the annihilation of Buddha statue. The world’s largest standing Buddha statues had survived for a millennium and a half—until the Islamists of Taliban ordered the destruction.

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