During the wandering days of Swami Vivekananda, he once went to Varanasi.

There, he visited the Kashi Vishvanath temple. When he was returning from the temple, on the way, a troop of monkeys was there. On seeing Swami ji, the monkeys attacked him. Frightened, the Swami started running away from the monkeys. However, as he was running away from them, the monkeys became more and more violent. He became helpless.

Just then came a voice from behind. ‘Stop Running, face the brutes’. Swami ji, moved by these words, stopped and stood boldly. Suddenly, the monkeys stopped chasing him and finally retreated.

The Hindu community is in the same condition.

The brutes like the leftists, the liberals, the jihadists are chasing us and we are running away from them.

We never retaliate and that’s our real problem.

We have forgotten our inner strength.

We have neglected the great wisdom of our Shastras and culture.

Most of the Christians have read Bible.Most of the Muslims have read Quran.

But how many of us Hindus have read Gita?

And even if we have read it, how many of us truly follow what Krishna has said in Gita. We are satisfied with placing an idol of Krishna (or any other Devi, devta) in our house and worshiping that idol everyday without thinking about it but how many of us are even willing to understand and follow what He has said in Gita.

We know very little about our own religion and many of us are least interested to read and follow our scriptures. We are not even being true Hindus.

Therefore, Arise! awake! Hindus . Read your Shastras, realise your strength and face these brutes.

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