Vienna is under attack by radical Islamic terrorists. Same Vienna remained a hub of terrorist sympathizers and provided international platforms to radical Islamic terrorists while India was under attack for decades. Hope this will end as terrorism is now knocking the doors of Europe . writes Kapil Mishra

on 25th March 2018, an organisation named “voice of Vienna” organised a one day conference on “Kashmir a humanitarian crisis” and invited Islamic Terrorist sympathizers to talk about Kashmir. They even invited puppet leaders from Pak Occupied Kashmir as representative of Kashmiris. This was not first time when Vienna was providing platform to radical Islamic terrorists and mass murderers in the name of Human Rights.

Same Vienna decided to remain a mute spectator when Islamic terrorists were killing Kashmiri pandits and forcing them to leave the valley.

India has faced ISIS level of horror and brutality in Kashmir for 30 years and all this while Europe was busy preaching us fake human rights and kept funding radical Islamic terror in Kashmir and else where in India.

Today it is sad to see that same radical Islamic terror is on a killing spree on the streets of Vienna. Vienna police is eliminating the terrorists the way it should be. But today is also the day to realize that you can’t forever enjoy preaching the victims from your tall towers, sooner or later the demon that you feed and protect will come and haunt you.

Europe is facing the same demon that it nourished and protected all these years.

Time for all of us to come together and unite against radical Islamic terror anywhere in the world. we all need to understand that radical Islamic terror is beyond logic and they don’t believe in any kind of human values whatsoever. World need to understand this threat of Jihad and find ways to deal with it as one united team.

Islamic countries like Turkey and Pakistan are openly talking about establishing caliphate. ISIS has recruitment centers in all major cities across the globe. Its now or never for Europe and the rest of the world.

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