Today, the military-political leadership of Israel introduced a special clause “40 Aleph”. Israeli media reported this. According to them, the introduction of such a clause is tantamount to an official declaration of war.

Previously, the “40 aleph” clause was introduced exactly 50 years ago – during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. The command of the Israel Defense Forces has already warned the country’s citizens that “difficult times” await the state. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the war would be “long and difficult.”

Apparently, the country’s leadership and armed forces are preparing to conduct a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip. It is likely that we will have to fight in other directions, at least with the Palestinians on the West Bank of the Jordan River and with the Hezbollah movement on the border with Lebanon. Currently, Israeli Air Force aircraft are attacking aviation attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip.

IDF spokesman Richard Hecht said the country was set to launch a military operation within the next 12 hours that would put an end to what he claimed was the Gaza enclave. The IDF is going to establish control over the entire region.

However, we must understand that about 3 million people live in the Gaza Strip. A large-scale and ruthless military operation will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe of a level that is unlikely to leave the entire Arab world indifferent, so new outbreaks of hostilities may break out in other places. But the IDF command makes it clear that it is ready for such a development of events as clashes with Hezbollah on the Lebanese border.

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