The complexities and unpredictability involving the demonym called Kashmiri requires an all-encompassing and all-embracing ecosystem—Indian Constitution. The uncertainty enveloping the character of a common Kashmiri can’t be accommodated in a theologically driven terror state like Pakistan. The intolerance shown towards Sindhis, Pashtuns,  Shias, Ahmadiyas, Hindus and other non- Muslim groups is enough a feeder for Kashmiris to rethink their rooting for Kashmir’s integration with an economically failed state like Pakistan. 

India and Pakistan both gained independence in 1947. While the land of Mahatma Gandhi embraced secularism, pluralism and communal harmony as bedrocks of a new India, Pakistan shaped up her destiny on Islamic jurisprudence which was subsequently hijacked by religious scholars and Army to strengthen their sway on the masses. It was this theologically inspired model of state that Pakistan has become a despondent place for Islamic sub-sects and minorities. The sheer injustice meted out to Balochis should shudder common Kashmiris to develop the power of clairvoyance and foresee their plight under Pakistan.  

Volumes have been written on the discerning aspect of the two countries that’ve so far fought 4 wars— all ending in Pakistan Army eating humble pie besides separation of East Pakistan into today’s Bangladesh.  The present state of abyss in Pakistan must prompt Kashmiris to reconsider their ideological infatuation with a country which has become an epicenter of global terrorism besides a festering wound for peace in South Asia.  

The anti-India narrative woven around by rogue elements in Kashmir and Pakistan since 1947 has so much deluded a common Kashmiri that, unfortunately, a rising economic giant like India is appearing less productive than an economically faltering and weaker Pakistan.  The level of indoctrination of gullible minds by religious scholars has deviated Kashmiris from reading the reality on the wall; the reality the whole world acknowledges—that India is the future of the world, an economically booming state and a safe haven for minorities, particularly the Muslims whose population is the 3rd largest (in India) across the world.

If religious infatuation is taken into consideration then Kashmiris should better know that India has more mosques than Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey—with the collusion of Turkey and Pakistan off late conniving to provoke gullible Indian Muslims including Kashmiris against India. As of 2019, India has more than 3 lac mosques, the 3rd highest number (across the world) after Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Economically, Indian GDP (nominal and PPP) is 10 times bigger than Pakistan. Before the China Virus wrought destruction, India was the 5th biggest economy in the world in GDP nominal ($3.2 trillion) and the 3rd biggest in PPP terms—valued at $11+ trillion.  Given the current pandemic has hit the global economy severely with India being no exception, the future predictions from global multi lateral agencies say India would witness a strong rebound and reclaim the honour of being the fastest growing largest economy in 2021.

Compare this scenario with Pakistan economy, and we come to know Imran Khan govt is managing loans from friendly nations and bail outs from global multi lateral agencies to survive an economy which is plummeting drastically after his government took over. There’s not a single economic indicator going right for Imran Khan, and all the future predictions are so gloomy that one wonders that will Pakistan cease to exist in the coming times

Religious extremism and the carte blanche authority of Pak Army has withered the hopes of a flower once known as an economically sound Pakistan before the applecart was upset by Pak Army in the 1965 war with India. Another sound reason for Kashmiris to discard Pakistan is the success story of Bangladesh. After separating from Pakistan in 1971, Bangladesh has left behind her estranged partner in GDP nominal, GDP per capita, exports and forex reserves.

Kashmiris, in fact, don’t have to go too far but just read on the huge economic gulf existing between J&K and the illegally occupied PoK and Gilgit Baltistan.  Both the regions are falling short to match Jammu and Kashmir economically, educationally and in infrastructure. A cursory look at the two erstwhile parts of J&K shows India has been allocating billions for development of her region despite the unfavourable situation on the ground. Pakistan has only used PoK for strategic advantages, running more than 60 terrorist camps. The terrorists coming out of these training camps are infiltrated into Kashmir where they’ve been resorting to physical and financial destruction since 1989.   Kashmiris are bearing the brunt of the intransigence shown by Pak Army to justify its loot of the country’s financial resources.  

Why can’t Kashmiris read the sinister designs behind the $62+ billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)?  Why can’t educated Kashmiris see that the flagship project of OBOR is actually a euphemism for neo-colonialism?  Kashmiris must accept this fact that Pakistan is a Chinese colony now. They should get enough indications on how Pakistan has become a satellite state, controlled by China— economically, militarily and politically. Kashmir has no future with Pakistan. It’s incumbent upon every Kashmiri to call out the hypocrisy of Imran Khan. He cries his heart out on Kashmir but feigns ignorance on the persecution of Uyghur Muslims.   

India will definitely become a $10+ trillion economy by 2030 with one of the best healthcare and education sector in the world. Reasonable and educated Kashmiris should know this fact that children have a brighter future with a surging India than a declining Pakistan which can’t think beyond guns and bombs. Kashmiris’ should also understand how Pak Army is only using its “strategic assets”—the terrorists in Kashmir and Afghanistan to justify the loot of Generals. Reportedly, more than 100 senior officers in Pakistan Army are worth PKR 350 billion—money which never belonged to them.  Kashmir deserves to be a part of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society like India than a country where religious supremacy decides the fate of everyone.  

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