In the case of illegal appointments that caused harm to the public coffers, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has been given permission to proceed against Amanatullah Khan, a member of the Aam Aadmi Party, by the Lieutenant Governor of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, VK Saxena.

The CBI will pursue legal action against him for making unauthorised appointments when he was chairman of the Waqf Board with the sanction of the LG. The CBI has filed charges against the AAP lawmaker from the Okhla assembly under the IPC’s relevant sections and the Prevention of Corruption Act. Khan is also accused of engaging in corrupt behaviour and committing crimes, such as willful and illegal violations of laws and using his position improperly.

Along with Amanatullah Khan, Mehboob Alam, the former CEO of the Waqf Board, has also been given permission to be prosecuted for criminal rule violations, abuse of authority, harm to the public coffers, and other pertinent offences.

Sub-divisional magistrate of the Delhi government filed the complaint against Khan in the revenue department in 2016, citing wrongful nominations to the Waqf Board that resulted in the loss of tax dollars. The CBI had filed an FIR as a result of the complaint in 2016. According to reports, the CBI looked into the situation and discovered strong evidence against the AAP MLA. The CBI then asked the LG for authorization to pursue charges against him.

The CEO of the new waqf board and more than 30 staff members were allegedly hired and employed in violation of Section 24 of the 1955 Waqf Act and the 1977 Delhi Waqf Rules. The FIR claimed that the Delhi Waqf Board had lost money as a result of the irregular and illegal appointments of officials, which were made by abusing their positions as public employees. According to the allegations, waqf board properties were leased to tenants and encroachers were permitted to occupy the premises in violation of the terms of the lease, costing the board money and assets.

Khan has a questionable history of making derogatory remarks and breaking the law. He is being tried in the majority of the FIRs that have been filed against him. Khan made headlines in 2020 for reportedly helping Muslims from Rohingya to settle in Delhi’s Madnapur Khadar. According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar, about 300 Muslim Rohingyas have illegally relocated to Delhi’s Madanpur Khadar neighbourhood and are growing their population there.

Additionally, the report stated that they were residing illegally in the national capital’s Madanpur Khadar neighbourhood, directly across from a cemetery. Additionally, they were relocated to 5.2 acres of land owned by the Uttar Pradesh government’s irrigation department.

They received all government benefits, according to the report. The Delhi government and Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan have been giving them a tonne of supplies throughout the lockdown. In New Delhi, Madanpur Khadar is a part of the Okhla constituency. According to the study, the illegal Rohingya Muslim camp reportedly had boring water and illegally stolen electricity.

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