A Quick Background: 

Raja Man Singh was the commander-in-Chief of Mughal Emperor Akbar. On Akbar’s instructions he attacked Afghanistan and defeated the tribes there in 1581. He looted a lot of treasure which included several quintals (or tons) of Gold and other jewels. It is said that he buried the treasure in the fort of Amer, Rajasthan.

What happened later? 

After some time a book came out in Persian, Haft Tilismat e Amberi. It is told in this book that 7 treasures are hidden under 7 ponds in Amer Fort. After this book, the tales of that treasure of Amer became famous. First the Mughals, then later rulers and even the British tried to find that treasure many times, but no one got anything.

What happened during emergency (1975-77)? 

Indira Gandhi imposed nation wide emergency on June 25, 1975.

Maharani Gayatri Devi was married to Maharaja of Jaipur was Sawai Man Singh II and was the owner of the Amer and Jaigarh forts. Indira Gandhi jailed Gayatri Devi during the emergency and lodged her in Tihar Jail.

On June 10, 1976, a year after the imposition of emergency across the country in 1975, teams of the Indian Army, Rajasthan Police and Income Tax raided Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur. The entire fort was excavated and destroyed. Despite the curfew-like atmosphere, news spread in Jaipur that on the orders of Indira’s son Sanjay, the army and police were searching for the treasure of Amer. The question arose that if the treasury is in Amber then why raid on Jaigarh. The answer was found that these two forts are connected with each other through a tunnel.

Why was emergency period chosen? 

Few reasons:

  1. The owners of the forts were in Jail.
  2. The Media was completely gagged.
  3. In normal times, it would not have been possible to siphon off such wealth.
  4. Judiciary was subjugated.

How did this news become public? 

On, August 11, 1976, then Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto wrote a letter to Indira Gandhi, claiming 50% share in Amer’s treasury citing some laws and agreements made during the British period. Indian Govt denied Bhutto’s claims. But Indira Gandhi herself admitted officially that 230kgs of silver was found in the excavation.

Due to some unknown reason, the letter got leaked and became public.

Lets analyze few facts and connect dots? 

Looking at the below facts, it looks like Indira Gandhi and her son Sanjay found and ran away with the treasure.

  1. If a spy agency like ISI is making the claim, there must be some truth to it. ISI then was far better than Indian RAW.
  2. Many eye witnesses report that the highway from Jaipur to New Delhi was closed to public during the 2 days when the treasure hunt was happening. Only military trucks were plying.
  3. It is also rumored that 2 planes lay in waiting in New Delhi airport and they flew away thereafter.
  4. Indira Gandhi herself admitted officially that 230kgs of silver was found in the excavation. It is hence clear that excavation did occur and “some” treasure was found.
  5. Why did this excavation occur during Emergency?
  6. IN spite of all setbacks the Gandhis are still in power till date and that cannot happen without a heavy financial backbone.

Is the treasure one of the reasons behind the imposition of emergency? 

In normal situations it would not have been possible to run away with the treasure due to procedural checks and balances.

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