Delhi Sikh Gurdwara management committee filed a complaint against actress Kangana Ranaut for supposedly referring to the so called Farmer’s protest as Khalistani movement. The complaint was lodged on 20th of November over Kangana Ranaut’s Instagram post she shared.

On 20th November Delhi Sikh Gurdwara management committee filed a complaint against actress Kangana Ranaut. This complaint was done regarding Instagram posts that Kangana Ranaut had put up after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to repeal all the three farm laws. Kangana Ranaut in her Instagram account wrote “Khalistani terrorists may be arm twisting the government today. But let’s not forget one woman. The only woman prime minister who crushed them under the shoe. No matter how much suffering she caused to this nation, she crushed them like mosquitoes at the cost of her own life. But, she did not allow the nation to divide. Even after decades of her death, even today, they shiver at her name. They need a guru like her.”. She also wrote another post praising former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi With the rise of Khalistani movement, “her story is more relevant than ever very soon bringing to you #Emergency,” the actress added.

The complaint of the Gurudwara Committe stated “I would like to draw your kind attention towards the recent poet of Kangna Ranaut on Instagram in which she has intentionally and deliberately portrayed, the Farmers Protest (Kisaan Morcha) as Khalistani Movements and further, dubbed the Sikh Community as a Khalistani Terrorists, and recalling the massacre and genocide happened during the period on 1984 and earlier, as planned and calculated move on part Smt. Indira Gandhi.” The complaint also said “She has also used very derogatory and insulting language against the Sikh Community, as much as, she has said that they were crushed under her shoes (jooti). This act on her part in moat degrading, disrespectful and contemptuous, which has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community settled all over the world.”

It needs to be noted that the committee is headed by Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa. Manjinder Singh Sirsa also criticised Kangana Ranaut and said “Saying that the three farm laws were repealed because of the Khalistani terrorists is a disrespect to the farmers. She is a factory of hate.” He asked to take her Padma Shri award back.

Many attacks have been made against actress Kangana Ranaut in recent days, majorly after she received Padma Shri. Recently Kangana Ranaut who is 4 times National award was presented with a civilian award because of which a particular lobby got upset and started their hue and cry in the social media. Many pathetic statements were delivered against Kangana Ranaut. Recently Abu Azmi went on to deliver similar statements just like MP Krupal Tumane and called Kangana “Talve Chatne wali Aurat”. Shiv Sena MP Krupal Tumane said “If Mahatma Gandhi were greedy of power, then at at that time, he could have been prime minister or even the president if he wanted. Kangana Ranaut knows how she herself got the Padma Shri. Whose feet she has licked and what all things she has licked to get the award. All the MPs and MLAs in Delhi are aware of it. People lobbying in Delhi are also aware. To speak more on this would be ‘tuchha’ (shallow) and I would not like to say anything more on such ‘tuchha’ woman.”

It’s strange to see not a single person from a particular lobby who claim to be the flagbearers of women rights go mum when it came to Actress Kangana Ranaut.

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