The brutal and inhumane murder of cute little soul Rahul Rajput has stirred up many hearts. This makes me wonder if Hindus are actually talking to their children about navigating tough questions they might have about Dharma or about life in general.

For example, I wonder if Rahul’s parents knew about his crush or relationship (whatever it was) with the Muslim girl. I wonder if any of this could have been prevented.


Things we need to ask ourselves:

  1. Do we know what our youth is doing, thinking, and believing?
  2. Are we paying attention to who their friends are? Do we know who is inviting them to parties, and what type of parties?
  3. Do we know where (locations) our youth hang out?
  4. Are we talking to them about our national and state history?
  5. Do they know about their ancestors, their Kul devi/devata? Have we built a safety net for our youth — uncles, aunts, community leaders they can turn to and ask for help? This used to be the main purpose of CASTE. Caste has been vilified and we have left our future generations to suffer.
  6. Do we tell them about our Gotras? Do they have access to a family tree?
  7. Are we generating pride in our youth about Dharma? Are we prepared with basic answers which are not readily available on the internet or in temples?
  8. Do we inculcate affinity for our family languages, customs, and foods? Globalization forces and food chains are helping the conversion mafia by maligning Dharmic concepts – vegetarianism, veganism, respect towards animals, earth, water, etc.
  9. Do we openly and honestly talk to them about the Jihadi and Christian threat facing the nation? Are we raising human beings who can feel the pain and suffering of our people and their struggle or are we okay with the fake gyan they get in textbooks which desperately need revisions?
  10. Are we spending quality time with our youth? Serving as an example? How many of us eat together, cook together, pray together, visit nature or temples together?

We should introspect a little as time is not on our side. Cute little atma that used to be Rahul could be our brother, cousin or son. His eyes show a special glimmer and his smile touches our hearts. Don’t let a day go by without taking care of the Rahuls around you. Their lives are precious.

Aum Shanti.

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